Two Fluffy Gals Show Us Why Adopting Senior Cats is a Golden Idea Whose Time Has Come


We all want to spend our so-called “golden years” relaxing in comfort. But life doesn’t stop throwing us curve balls as time advances. If anything, there are many more. Yet, judging by the older people and pets we all know and love, we just get better and more graceful at handling what life serves up. That’s certainly true for many a cat, too, aging like fine wine. For example, take the story of two gorgeous sisters, Mya and Hawkins.

As female gingers, they’re not very common, with 80% males like Marmalade. As always, coat color or age has nothing to do with what makes them so lovable or worthy of homes.

Source: Facebook/Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables

Life Threw Mya and Hawkins a Curve Ball

Mya and Hawkins are truly gorgeous, fluffy orange and white sisters whose families cherished them. But sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned. One day, the family faced the heartbreaking decision to surrender the duo to a rescue in Newfoundland, Canada, the Exploits Valley SPCA.

As so many older cats do, they took the changes so gracefully. Within a short time, they endeared themselves to everyone around them. And while they were 15, they still have kitten-like personalities!

“Mya and Hawkins are the SWEETEST senior sissies you’ll ever meet. At 15 years young, these two fluffy orange gals have ended up in the shelter through no fault of their own. First of all…they really don’t seem 15! They have no known health issues, they’re both spayed, in good condition and are as lovable as can be. The girls rush to the front of the cage for pets and love.,” shared the SPCA.

Yes, it was sad these golden girls would face uncertain retirement years instead of being pampered. However, all was not lost when a kind woman met them for the first time. We hope this story will encourage many others to follow her lead. Giving cats the golden years they deserve could be added to your most cherished memories!

Let The Golden Years Begin for Mya and Hawkins

Very often, it’s a challenge to find a home for older cats. So often, people are kitten-smitten and look over the adults, especially those reaching age 10 or more. But these gals caught the eye of Alicia, who tells our friends at Love Meow that she decided to visit them in person after a friend spotted them on social media.

Source: Facebook/Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables

One visit was all it took: She fell in love with them and brought them home that same day! They worked their snuggly charms very quickly, and Alicia couldn’t resist giving them the chance for the golden years they richly deserved.

“I didn’t technically plan on getting them. Once I heard their story and saw them in person, I fell in love,” Alicia shared with Love Meow.

Mya and Hawkins Got Their Happy Ever After

What a relief for Mya and Hawkins’ rescuers and former family to know they have landed in a comfortable, loving home. Wonderfully, Alicia gave them their happy ever after. In return, they reward her each day with their companionship, snuggles, and funny antics.

Each day, they spend time lounging in the sunshine, climbing their cat tree, and playing with their new feline family member, Midnight. Often, people worry that their resident pets won’t get along with newcomers. Yet in this case, there was nothing to worry about at all! Maybe it was all meant to be.

“They seem to all like each other already,” Alicia said.

Source: Facebook/Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables

A Golden Idea

The SPCA shared the marvelous news, thankful for everyone who gives adult cats a loving final home. It’s a golden idea whose time has come!

“Happy update! At 15 years old, the golden girls have found a home together!! Thank you so much to their new owner Alicia for choosing them. Anyone in the rescue world knows how hard it is to find a home for one senior, let alone two. We are forever thankful for people who give them retirement homes of their dreams! Happy ever after, sissies!” shared Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables.

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