Friendly House Cat is Drawing Visitors to One of America’s Oldest Streets


One can be anywhere in the world and see the most amazing things. But what we often remember is what made us feel happy and fuzzy. Of course, we’re talking about cats! What else? For example, if you visit one of the oldest residential streets in the United States, Elfreth’s Alley, Philadelphia, you’re likely to be charmed by a resident alley cat (or two).

One of those kitties is Miso, a fluffy grey house cat living in one of the historic homes along the alley.

Miso the Cat Delights Visitors to Old City Philly

If you visit Europe, it’s not unusual to see architecture that’s thousands of years old. But here in the States, the American experiment is still very new. Yet, to us, living in a home that is 283 years old (built in 1741) seems like something from a bygone past.

Images via Instagram/MisoPhiladelphia

That’s the age of Miso’s home on Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest continuously inhabited residential street in the United States. The historic street dates to 1703, making it currently 321 years old. And people have always lived in the 32 preserved houses. It’s what sets it apart from the oldest street in the Nation, Aviles Street in St. Augustine, Florida (dating to the 1600s).

Videos via Instagram/Miso Philadelphia

As you can see, this is a lovely place for residents and tourists alike. Nearby, you can visit more touristy places like the Betsy Ross House and the Liberty Bell. But taking a stroll down this historic cobblestone alleyway gives you a chance to spot Miso in the window!

If you happen to spot her, the family encourages everyone to say hello. In return, she might respond with a loud meow!

Sometimes, she’s on the street greeting everyone, as she loves taking walks on her harness.

“Meet Miso the cat ☻ Just a kitty – living on the oldest residential street in America!” shared Miso Philadelphia.

Miso Charms Visitors to the Oldest Street in America

As visitors walk down the oldest street in America, Miso is intently observing them. Her “Cat TV” is always on as people pass by the window.

For history buffs taking a stroll through America’s past, they may not expect a cat to be the highlight of the day. Yet, she might be!

On Instagram, Miso’s family shared that each home on the street has a unique flag of the homeowner’s choosing. Theirs, however, came with one. It happens to be a copy of the oldest known complete flag in the United States.

Bedford Minuteman Flag flies from Miso’s home, Image via Wikipedia

The crimson Bedford Minuteman Flag has Latin words, “Vince Aut Morire,” meaning Conquer or Die. It’s a reminder of times when people bravely fought to be free from a monarch’s rule. And it wasn’t that long ago. But if you see the flag on Elfreth’s Alley today, a green-eyed cat inside may try to conquer nothing more than your heart.

Just A Philadelphia Cat Living in Old City

So, what is Miso really like at home? Here’s how her family describes her:

“Miso is a medium grey-haired cat that will do absolutely anything for a treat. Did you know cats can learn tricks? Miso the cat knows three tricks: sit, spin, and ‘up!’ A cat that loves her leash and harness – you’ll find this cat lounging in the window or maybe out front! Just a Philadelphia cat living in Old City.”

See more by following Miso on Instagram.

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