Elusive Black Cat Juno Finally Caught on Camera with Her Adoring Dad


Regardless of age, pets mean a great deal to their humans. They’re family and bring us unconditional love and joy daily. But how would you describe what they mean to you if someone asked you about your cat? That’s what happened when a social media personality known as Oshu started talking to a gentleman named Mark about his beloved cat, Juno.

The duo became a ‘legend’ for fans on TikTok. But for some time, clever kitty Juno couldn’t be caught on camera.

Mark’s Favorite Name in the World: Juno

Joshua Robinson, aka Oshu, interviews people on the streets of the UK. Often, he asks about what kind of music they like, but the topics can be just about anything. On many occasions, he’s talked to Mark, who is always friendly, well-spoken, and enthusiastic. In time, Mark became a favorite for fans on TikTok and Instagram and locally well-known.

At some point, Oshu found out about Mark’s very favorite name in the whole world.

“What is the best name?” asked Oshu.

Without missing a beat, Mark replied, “My cat is called Juno, and it suits her fine. So let’s have Juno as the best name!”

“She’s amazingly expressive and intelligent; she’s a perfect cat!” he later said.Images via Instagram/oshuclips and TikTok/joshua.robinson

Everyone Wanted to See Juno

For some time, everyone hoped to see this kitty who was so dear to her dad. But as Mark explained, Juno seems to prefer her privacy. What’s more, she apparently has an almost supernatural ability to anticipate what’s going to happen next!

“You can never meet Juno. She’s extraordinarily good at knowing what’s going to happen next, outwitting the people who are going to catch her,” Mark said.

If Juno senses people are coming to see her, she might well take a bold leap from a window upstairs and vanish. So, for a long time, she remained an intriguing mystery. Was she a mythological creature?

“With that kind of courage and intelligence, it looks as though she’s always going to defeat us! This time, she didn’t evaporate, she flew!” Mark said. As it later turned out, they did manage to capture Juno with Mark on camera, much to the delight of thousands!

Source: Instagram/oshuclips and TikTok/joshua.robinson

Mark and Juno Finally Appear Together

Having become Insta-famous for talking about Juno, Mark says now people recognize him and shout, asking how the kitty is doing. He says she is “the best cat in the world,” who looks after him “all the time.” He especially adores her “yellow eyes and her little black face.”

Every morning, Mark wakes up to a tiny kiss from his beloved cat.

“The first thing I see in the morning is a little black cat curled up by my head, waiting for me to open my eyes. And the moment I do open my eyes, she kisses me on my face!” Mark explained.

Source: Instagram/oshuclips and TikTok/joshua.robinson

At 80 years old, Mark explains that Juno, who is now two years old, is his last kitty. Her companionship makes every day brighter for him and his daughter Susanna, who agrees she’s “a very nice cat!”

Finally, we see Mark and his beloved kitty together, and it’s incredibly wholesome and touching to see! Clearly, they mean so much to each other. As many online commented, “I’m not crying. You’re crying!”

You can see more on Joshua Robinson’s Instagram and TikTok.

Source: Instagram/oshuclips and TikTok/joshua.robinson

Below, you can see more of Mark, Juno, and his daughter Susanna.

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