Tree Service Puts No Price on Rescuing 100+ Cats from the Highest Heights


Who should you call when a cat goes out on a limb and doesn’t come back down?

Cats have a knack for climbing trees, but once they go up, they can get stuck for days. It quickly becomes a life-threatening situation, and it can be very hard to find help. But for folks in Southern New Jersey, they have a tree-climbing hero in Steven Murrow and Tesla Tree Service.

For those in the area, Murrow, owner of Tesla Tree Service, can climb the highest treetops. And after rescuing over 100 cats in three years, he’s still doing it all for free! Despite the heights and precarious situations, he says it’s fun!

Note: If you or someone you know has a cat needing rescue, you can locate someone near you at the Cat in a Tree Emergency Rescue directory.

“I’m a professional with training and the right gear, so definitely do not try this at home,” Murrow told ABC 6.

Little wonder he’s being recognized by the Washington Post and the Drew Barrymore Show, among others. So, how did a guy allergic to cats become a celebrated hero for rescuing cats from the tallest trees?

Tesla Tree Service and Cat Rescue

Murrow named his environmentally friendly tree service Tesla after his vehicle. His battery-electric chainsaws are powered by solar panels, which also charge his car.

In 2021, he responded to a Facebook post suggested by a friend about a cat stuck up a tree for days. While a ladder truck couldn’t reach the cat, his weighted throw lines and specialized gear could. That day, his first rescue became an emotional one.

“I literally cried when I held that cat and comforted him to let him know it was okay,” Murrow told the Washington Post. “He was so hungry and thirsty that he was starting to get organ failure.”

From there, he included rescuing cats in his service, but he doesn’t charge a dime for it! He considers doing good deeds part of a ripple effect, which he hopes will inspire others to follow suit.

“There’s no price I could put on saving an animal,” Murrow told the local news.

“Clementine was stuck up there for 5 days, so she was pretty vocal about wanting to come down. Beautiful day to climb a tree and rescue another cat,” via Facebook.

Dramatic Treetop Rescues

To give you a better idea of how high up these cats can be, check out the video Murrow posted below. Fifal, the tuxedo cat, was stuck almost 100 feet in the air for 5 days when the community rallied to help.

As you can see in the video below, Fifal was clearly visible in the tree and the birds were attacking her. Then Tesla Tree Service arrived and made a dramatic rescue from extreme heights. It made us dizzy just watching it, but soon, Fifal was back on the ground and safe.

Video by Steve Murrow:

A Life or Death Situation for Cats Stuck in Trees

Appearing on NBC, Murrow explained why he does what he does. When nobody else can reach them, he’s unfortunately the last hope for a cat.

“After five days without water, they can start to get organ failure,” explained Murrow. “And then, on top of that, fatigue from being in the cold for four or five nights in a row, it was kind of like the last chance for that cat.”

You can imagine how relieved distraught families are to be reunited with their cat after such an ordeal. But he does it all for the cats.

“It’s not about how I feel. It’s not about how they feel; it’s about how the cat feels, and that’s why I do it,” Murrow told NBC. “If my kindness can inspire someone else to be kind, then I’ve done what I needed to.”

Incredibly, he’s even rescued “repeat offenders,” cats that have gone right back up a tree after he saved them. Thankfully, there have only been three of those so far. Perhaps the cats wanted to see Steven again?

Thank you for making the world a better place and for helping all those cats when nobody else could!

Video by NBC News:

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