Peaceful Kitten Sleeping Like a Human Doing a Yoga Pose Soothes Internet


Are cats liquid? Sometimes it seems that way, especially when they invoke the “if I fits, I sits” rule. It’s always hilarious to watch them sleep in their odd positions.

This time, Redditor Hikari-Nogami posted four photos of one of his kittens sleeping. Soon, the pictures went viral due to the very human-like and precious sleeping positions. This could be any of us on a morning when we get to sleep in.

Kitten Sleeping Like a Human

Yoga Pose?

This little kitty has decided that sleeping like a human is pretty darn comfy. The kitten’s name is Mizuchi, and at 54 days old, she sleeps on her back with her paws down at her side like a human during the Shavasana stage of yoga!

“I did just finish playing with her as she [fell] asleep on the carpet,” Hikari-Nogami commented.

Mizuchi also crosses her little legs over each other, and it’s the cutest thing!

Mizuchi’s Viral Moment

Mizuchi’s sleeping pose has the internet going wild, and they just can’t get enough of her! In just a few days, the post has garnered over 10,700 upvotes and hundreds of comments! One Reddit user said, “Yeah, looks like a 9 to 5 job 😂.” Another poster commented, “This is the kitty Shavasana pose done right.”

“If she’s exposing her belly like that, she must feel safe!” said a Reddit commenter.

“How do you resist that fuzzy kitteh belly? I would be so tempted to just smush my entire face into it every chance I got,” said another person.

“I have her brother to play with and compensate for,” Hikari-Nogami replied. He explained that the kitten’s brother is “harder to take a photo of.”

Mizuchi’s Mama and Brother

In more recent Reddit posts, we see Mizuchi’s 4-year-old Mama Chia and black and white brother Chimizu. Mama Chia with kittens, Chimizu and Mizuchi via Reddit.

More Adorable Sleeping Positions

Two photos of Mizuchi show that she indeed likes to sleep in peculiar positions! Below, she sleeps under the covers and spills awkwardly from a Tupperware container. She can sleep anywhere!

Why Do Some Cats Sleep Like This?

Cats Have a Favorite Sleeping Position

Cats not only have a favorite sleeping position, but their sleeping style can also tell us how they’re feeling. When your kitty sleeps with their belly up, it means they are happy and in a trustworthy environment. A cat sleeping on their back exposing their belly not only leaves them in a highly vulnerable position but also makes it hard for them to get up and run if need be. According to Dreams, this also means your cat is charismatic and confident! This must mean that Mizuchi is really comfortable in her new home and trusts her new owner.

If your cat sleeps curled up, almost in a ball, it can mean various things. Usually, it means that they would like to be left alone, but cats also sleep in this position to conserve heat. If you notice your kitty quickly getting into this position, it may mean they got chilly and are trying to keep warm.

But what if your kitty likes to sleep under covers? Same thing! They’re possibly introverted and like to be left alone and happy with themselves, or maybe it’s time to turn the heat on! So, what sleeping position does your cat like to sleep in?

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