Tiny Yorkie With a Big Personality is Ready to Be Loved: Why Does He Keep Getting Overlooked?


Sweet and Silly Senior Dog Who Keeps Getting Overlooked Due to Age Has So Much Love to Give

Cuddly ‘Couch Potato’ Yorkie Has the Energy of a Puppy But Keeps Getting Overlooked Because of Age

Bubbles is a positively adorable and affectionate Yorkshire Terrier who’s been waiting patiently for his forever home in Fremont, California. This well-rounded rescue pup is friendly with new friends—both human and canine—and has the most charming personality. He’s also a ‘certified couch potato’ and a lover of cuddles, so why hasn’t anyone adopted him yet?

Sadly, he’s been overlooked by adopters because of his age. He’s a sweet senior gentleman who has slowed down a bit in recent years, but his rescuers are happy to report that he still has the energy of a puppy when he plays or gets the zoomies! He’s charmed his new friends and foster owner with Woof Animal Rescue, and he just may charm you, too.

A Senior Boy’s Second Chance

While much of Bubbles’ past remains unknown, we do know that he was first rescued by Tri-City Animal Shelter in the Bay Area. In early June, he was pulled from the shelter by Woof Animal Rescue and placed in a loving foster home, where he gets along well with everyone. He loves to be pampered and petted by his foster owner, but he’s also a wonderful playmate and companion to his canine foster siblings.

While Bubbles hasn’t had any age-related health issues to navigate yet, his senior status has given him a difficult time in the adoption world. His bursts of energy allow him to be a pal to pups of all ages, but his rescuers have no doubt that he’d also enjoy being the only dog in a home where he could receive tons of attention. He’d make a perfect pet for a retired person, but his friendliness and eagerness to please would help him thrive in any family willing to be flexible as he ages.

His gentle nature leads his friends to believe he’d do well around friendly kids and kitties too. Potential adopters can always set up a meet and greet through Woof Animal Rescue. If you’d like to learn more about Bubbles or sign up to meet him, check out the adoption process steps listed on the rescue’s website. Could Bubbles be your perfect boy?

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