Three-Legged Dog Scared of Human Touch Changes Coat Color After Being Rescued


When an outreach volunteer from Sidewalk Specials, a dog rescue organization, noticed some children looking for kibble, she couldn’t help but ask whom they were trying to feed. The children then led her to an abandoned dog in a dire condition lying on the side of the road. Her heart broke at the sight of the poor dog.

Rescuing Eddie

The dog – later named Eddie – was completely emaciated and very fearful of human touch. Life had been incredibly harsh for him, and he had endured immense suffering.

“He’d lost a leg, making it extremely difficult for him to walk. He was very weak. When he arrived [at the rescue], his eyes were just full of fear and emptiness,” Janice, Eddie’s foster mom, told The Dodo.

The vet examination revealed that Eddie was suffering from malnutrition, kidney issues, mange, and tick bite fever, indicating it would take some time for his condition to improve. Eddie’s front teeth were completely worn down, possibly from eating gravel for sustenance.

Judging by his state, he had probably been on his own for a long time, but thankfully, he was given a chance at a better life.

Eddie went straight to a loving foster home with Janice and her husband, Rolf, who cared deeply for him.

Two weeks after arriving at his foster home, Eddie wagged his tail for the first time, and his eyes began to soften.

This was a significant step for a once-terrified dog.

Eddie’s Color Changed

Step by step, day by day, Eddie’s condition improved, and he slowly started to trust humans again. However, one thing shocked even his foster parents – Eddie’s coat color changed.

Three months after his rescue, Eddie became a much happier dog, and his coat turned a beautiful chocolate brown!

“His happy place is the bed, which I think he never had before. His second happy place is definitely the creek in the park. His ball is his security blanket. He’d never had a toy!” Janice said.

It was heartwarming to see him learn how to play. Despite all he had endured, Eddie began to forget his past hardships. A little bit of love can go such a long way.

The rescue hoped to find Eddie a forever home and even created a beautiful video promoting his story. He was incredibly well-behaved, low maintenance, and a happy little fellow.

A Heartbreaking End

However, Eddie never lived long enough to find his forever family. Sadly, shortly afterward, Eddie suffered organ failure and had to be put down.

“I think we can all agree that Eddie’s last three months, spent with his foster family, were the best thing that ever happened to him. 💖 Respect to his foster family for giving Eddie the chance at happiness and prayers for your broken hearts,” Sidewalk Specials wrote in their post.

Although Eddie did not live long after his rescue, he at least got to experience what it feels like to be truly loved. His foster parents cherished him, and he will forever remain one of those dogs that are buried a little deeper in their hearts.

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