This Cat Is Known As The Craziest House Panther Anyone Has Ever Seen


A couple from Orlando fell in love with Lupin, the cutest little kitty, when he was just two months old.

They affectionately call him their sweet house panther, even though he’s actually a Bombay kitten with a tiny black nose, long whiskers, and eyes that shine like bright copper pennies. Despite his true breed, Lupin’s resemblance to a black panther earned him the nickname “house panther.”

Right from the start, Lupin’s mom, Chrissy, noticed his classic “orange cat energy” and his penchant for hilarious antics. And let me tell you, Lupin doesn’t disappoint in the entertainment department.

A Heart-Stealing Kitten That Is Bound To Make You Smile

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Lupin earned his name from the Lupin TV series, known for its suave thief protagonist. And true to his namesake, this little furball has been caught red-handed stealing socks on occasion.

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But beyond his thieving tendencies, Lupin has stolen something far more precious – his owner’s heart. He’s become her ultimate “Bombay bestie,” filling her days with joy and mischief.

Lupin’s daily mischief has captured the hearts of thousands online, mine included. And let me tell you, scrolling through his daily antics online is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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By the time Lupin turned five months old, he had already become Chrissy’s sidekick and best bud.

“I absolutely love this silly little guy! Although he’s only 5 months old, he has the biggest personality for a cat, ever. He’s my little pain in the behind best friend.”

Chrissy, a devoted animal lover, firmly believes that cats make the best companions. By the time Lupin reached five months, he was mostly sweet but still brimming with kitten playfulness and quirky charm.

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His Daily Shenanigans Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

By the time Lupin hit seven months, he was a riot, always eager to play, especially when he caught sight of Mom. He adored striking hilarious poses and giving everyone a playful side-eye.

Chrissy describes him as more of a “crab-walking tiger” than a mini-panther, with his quirky way of arching his back. I don’t know about you, but this cat always brings a smile to my face!

Do you think cats do these antics just to entertain us? I’m pretty sure they do!

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At times, Lupin channels his inner parrot, perching on Chrissy’s shoulder. But his true talent lies in crab-walking, a skill that has entertained thousands online.

“Lupin is just the goofiest cat ever. Not a day goes by where he’s not doing something hilarious.”

Chrissy and her family are absolutely smitten with Lupin, firmly convinced that black cats bring nothing but good fortune. He brings laughter and joy into their lives every single day and has transformed into quite the handsome house panther.

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As Lupin grew older, he also mastered the art of parkour. He has become somewhat of a parkour expert, zooming through the house at breakneck speed, and bounding off the walls like a nimble ninja. You never quite know what this hilarious cat’s next move will be!

And the cherry on top? He’s perfectly content with indoor adventures, a quality that Chrissy and fellow cat lovers absolutely adore!

For more of Lupin’s adventures, hop on over to Instagram.

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