The World’s “Saddest Cat” Turns Out To Be Suffering From A Very Unusual Condition


Meet Augool, the cat with a rare condition that made him a sensation, known for his unique and handsome face.

Augool’s appearance has earned him the nickname “the unfair cat” because he often looks as if life has dealt him an unfair hand. His face gives the impression that he’s sad most of the time.

However, appearances can be deceiving. Augool is, in fact, a content and joyful kitty, despite his unusual facial features. He lives his best life, although he does suffer from a rare condition that gives him his distinctive appearance.

His eyes are small and often seem barely open, but when the situation calls for it, they widen slightly.

Augool’s owner shares the heartwarming story of how they met:

“I went to groom a dog, and they said he was an abandoned cat. So, I took him home. Back then, he had big and sparkly eyes, but the eyelids have dropped over time.”

Growing increasingly concerned about Augool’s condition, his owner took him to the vet to rule out any serious issues. The veterinarians determined that Augool suffers from ptosis.

According to VCA, ptosis is when the upper eyelids droop due to weak muscle strength on the forehead. Fortunately, this condition doesn’t harm Augool.

While cosmetic surgery could correct Augool’s unique look, his owner believes there’s no need for it. He proudly states:

“His unique look makes Augool a very special cat and makes him very charming.”

Augool has captured the hearts of many cat lovers worldwide, gaining tremendous support and affection on the internet. His unique face tells a story of resilience and individuality, reminding us that what makes us different can also make us extraordinarily endearing.

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