One-Day-Old Kitten Found In A Backyard Living His Last Moments


While many kittens end up abandoned and left to fend for themselves, this newborn kitten was fortunate enough to be rescued just in time.

A one-day-old kitten with a cleft nose was discovered alone in a backyard. Thankfully, kind-hearted individuals noticed her and immediately embarked on a rescue mission.

The kitten’s fortune truly turned around when Ashley Kelley, a foster volunteer from Wrenn Rescues in Los Angeles, saw a post about her. She shared some details of the heartwarming rescue in an interview:

“Someone had found a solo kitten. It still had closed eyes and was meowing a lot, and obviously hungry. Something told me that I needed to go get it immediately. I got in touch with the finder, grabbed a mask and gloves, and hopped in my car.”

It turned out that a nice lady heard meowing cries somewhere around her house. Following the sound, she came to the backyard and was shocked to discover a newborn kitten lying all alone.

She gently picked up the kitten and put her in a warm place, hoping the mother cat would return. Unfortunately, she never did.

The poor kitten was probably abandoned by her mother right after she was born. Ashley explained:

“Unfortunately, that is how nature works sometimes. Mamas leave their weak, incompatible-with-life babies and focus on their healthy ones.”

Experienced in fostering, Ashley quickly took the kitten under her care. She didn’t notice anything unusual about the kitten other than her cleft nose, which she found endearing.

Upon arriving home, Ashley immediately began tube-feeding the kitten, explaining:

“She has a teeny tiny hole in her palate along with the cleft nose, so it’s not safe to bottle-feed her. She needs to be tube-fed.”

From the moment Ashley took the kitten under her care, she could see her incredible will to live. Therefore, Ashley named the kitten Aela to highlight her warrior spirit, adding:

“She’s named after a video game character I always loved, who is a strong and fierce warrior, and is unique from most people.”

Despite being tiny, Aela already understands many things. She lets you know when she’s hungry and gets ready for cuddles once her tummy is full.

Aela already recognizes Ashley’s scent, as if she understands who’s actually helping her. Ashley is content with Aela’s overall progress, saying:

“Other than needing to be tube-fed, she is a remarkably normal kitten so far.”

Day by day, Aela continues to thrive. She keeps fighting in life, showing everyone that she’s not giving up despite a rocky start.

We all hope that one day Aela will find a loving home, a fitting reward for such a brave and adorable kitten.

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