Owners Who Were Having A Baby Surrendered Their Pup All Because They Were Scared Of Her Breed


When an adorable Pit Bull named Shelly was surrendered to a shelter because her family was having a baby, she felt confused, depressed, and betrayed.

Unfortunately, since it is very difficult for pups of her breed to be adopted, Shelly was placed on the euthanasia list three weeks after arriving at the shelter.

Shelly gave up all hope of being part of a forever family until an incredible human discovered her sad fate and decided to completely turn it around.

Second Chance

As soon as Lacey, Shelly’s new owner, heard that she was scheduled to be put down the very next morning and “had to be out of the building that day,” she opened her arms and welcomed her into her loving home.

“Unfortunately, there are so many Pit Bull breeds in the shelter that are in perfectly healthy condition and get overlooked,” Lacey told Newsweek.

As a dedicated volunteer at the shelter, Lacey knew that Shelly could make so many people happy if she was only given the chance. So, she decided to offer her a helping hand by taking her in.

“We wanted to foster because I knew she could find a good home if she was just given more time,” she added.

Over time, Lacey’s assumption was proven right; however, not in the way she imagined when she first signed up to be Shelly’s foster.

“We had just adopted one new dog, so we initially thought getting two more on top of the one we had would be too much. But Shelly and our other new dog got along so well and felt so safe with each other. They bonded almost instantly. It helped that they were both extremely well-behaved and both dog- and people-friendly. So I thought it was best to just keep them together,” Lacey stated.

Finally, Shelly was part of a family who loved and adored her for who she truly was.

Shelly adores her adoptive brother and her new family. She also makes sure to spread her happiness by greeting every person she meets.

She is now living the life of every pup’s dreams! Her days are full of fun playdates, loving memories, and awesome adventures.

End The Prejudice

It fills my heart knowing that this sweet girl was not only offered a second chance at life but also given her happily ever after.

However, it also brings me to tears knowing that she was placed in such an unfortunate situation all because of her breed.

Many people, unfortunately, are quick to judge Pit Bulls because they believe all the stereotypes surrounding them.

Please know that these sweet creatures are no more aggressive than other breeds. They are extremely gentle, loyal, and loving companions who will do anything to ensure that their humans always have a smile on their faces.

It is crucial to let go of these prejudices and understand that every dog, regardless of their breed, deserves to be loved and cherished!

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