“Life After Losing Weight.” What the Woman, Who Was Desperate About Her Shape, Looks Like Now


Mayra Rosales endured an extremely challenging and unbearable period in her life due to her excessive weight. It was truly devastating for her to hear unpleasant words and comments about her body. She didn’t even want to leave the house and became isolated from her surroundings.

The public first learned about Mayra from the newspapers. The headlines reported that a woman had fallen on her sister’s son, and the boy was unable to free himself. It soon became clear that Mayra was not guilty of the incident with her nephew. Following this incident, today’s heroine found a renewed desire to live.

Mayra sought help from a surgeon who agreed to take on her challenging case. The results of Mayra’s weight loss surprised even the skeptics who followed her life on social media.

Today, it is difficult to recognize the once housebound woman in the now beautiful Mayra. She is a true heroine who overcame all her hardships and presented herself in the best possible way.

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