Neglected Pup Was Depressed After Parents Surrendered Her To A Shelter For An Unexpected Reason


All that a sweet pup named Kelly ever wanted was love, but what she received instead was rejection.

Kelly’s previous owner was a cruel breeder who used her to make a profit and dumped her when they no longer found her useful.

Sorrowful and starved, the pup roamed the streets in search of compassion and love.

While she dragged her paws around the lonely streets, the pup kept hoping that someone would notice her and offer her help.

Although she was badly treated by her owners, Kelly still believed that good humans existed.

Kelly Arrives At The Shelter

(Source: @humanebroward)

The rescuers at the Humane Society of Broward County, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, jumped to her rescue as soon as they spotted her in the streets.

Their hearts broke after they saw how malnourished and neglected the pup was.

Upon her arrival at the shelter, Kelly charmed the staffers with her adorable personality. The doggo was hungry for love, and she enjoyed getting cuddles from her new friends.

“Kelly is an absolute love bug and enjoys being with people and getting affection. She is goofy and likes to play with chew toys and go for walks,” Susan Leonti, the digital marketing specialist at the Humane Society of Broward County, told Newsweek.

The staffers wished to help Kelly find a home as soon as possible. After everything she went through, her shelter friends knew that the pooch needed to move into a loving home in order to experience true happiness.

The shelter posted Kelly’s video, telling the story of her past life on their social media. The footage showed a hopeful pup standing in her kennel and wagging her tail.

(Source: @humanebroward)

A wonderful couple who wanted to adopt their first dog together saw the video and fell in love with Kelly.

The next day, they arrived at the Florida shelter, saying that Kelly stole their hearts and that they couldn’t wait to take her home.

The Short-Lived Happiness

(Source: @humanebroward)

Thinking that their girl had found her happiness, the shelter staff felt overjoyed.

On her adoption day, Kelly couldn’t contain her excitement. Her face was beaming. She ran to her shelter friends and said goodbye to them.

Her new parents took her home, wishing to make her happy and give her all their love, but sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.

Shortly after bringing Kelly home, the adopters found out that one of them was allergic to dogs. Sadly, the couple had no other option but to return the pup to the shelter.

(Source: @humanebroward)

Kelly got a glimpse of what happiness felt like, and it was taken away from her.

After she found herself behind the kennel bars once again, the doggo felt brokenhearted.

“Since being returned, Kelly has had such a sad and worried look on her face. When we walk by her kennel, she cries out to us and has a look of desperation in her eyes. It is simply heartbreaking to see,” Leonti added.

Although she loves her shelter friends and appreciates their affection, Kelly needs her own humans.

The pup dreams of experiencing true love for the first time in her life.

I hope that Kelly’s dream will soon come true. The affectionate pup deserves to find parents who will dote on her and make her happy.

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