This Adorable Ginger Kitty With Its Diamond-Like Eye Is the Internet’s Most Precious Jewel


I’m sure you have seen a cat with an odd eye color at least once in your life. However, I bet you haven’t seen anything like this ginger kitty with its diamond-like eye.

When I was just a child, I had a beautiful, long-haired white cat with heterochromia. The cat was called Lucy, and that was the first time I had ever seen a cat with different eye colors. One of her eyes was green and the other was blue, and that’s actually what heterochromia is: eyes of different colors.

The breed of cat, which is known as the diamond-eyed cat, is called Khao Manee. This cat breed is characterized by a snowy white coat and stunning eyes that may be the same color or may each be a different color.

If you look at this kitty with its special eyes, you can immediately tell that it’s not a Khao Manee breed, mostly because of its orange coat color.

At first, this special ginger kitty reminded me a bit of my Lucy. Then, when I gave it a second glance, I noticed that this cat is far more unique and special, due to its diamond-like eye. It was because of this that the cat went viral on the internet as a diamond-eyed cat.

The person who shared the video on TikTok crushed the internet with 1.5 million views in just one day.

What Actually Happened to the Cat’s Eye?

This appearance is very rare and unusual and definitely gives the cat a unique look. However, the reason behind this diamond-like eye is not actually good.

We don’t know for sure what the story is behind this cat’s eyes, but I can provide you with the most common reasons for this eye condition.

  • Uveitis – This is a serious eye issue that can severely affect the cat’s vision. According to the VCA Animal Hospitals, uveitis is the inflammation of one or more of the structures making up the uvea. Getting the right diagnosis is of great importance, especially because uveitis and glaucoma share many similar symptoms. A man once brought me his pet cat claiming it had uveitis, but after a detailed diagnosis, I discovered that the cat was actually suffering from glaucoma. The main difference between these two conditions is that uveitis is characterized by low intraocular pressure, while glaucoma is characterized by high pressure.

  • Hyphema – According to the MSD Veterinary Manual, hyphema refers to bleeding inside the eyeball. This is another serious eye condition that requires special help as it can even lead to blindness. While there is no real cure for this condition, some medications may be of great help.
  • Glaucoma – The Cornell Feline Health Center states that feline glaucoma is a condition where the watery fluid in the front part of the eye is unable to drain normally. Unfortunately, the condition cannot be completely cured.

These are only some of the most common possible conditions behind this cat’s diamond-like eye. Again, we aren’t actually sure what caused the appearance of this cat’s eye, but we can all agree that it makes the cat very special. We can only hope that the cat is happy and that it’s not suffering at all.

People were amazed by this kitty and told the user in the comments section on his TikTok video (which sadly isn’t available anymore) to take good care of the cat, while many locals commented that this is a lucky cat that should bring prosperity to the owner.

Whatever it is, I’m sure that the owner is lucky enough just to have this lovely, rare, and unique kitten. Does your kitty have any traits that make it so special?

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