Cat Abandoned in a Filthy and Dark Building Basement Finally Gets Rescued


Some people heartlessly abandon their pets in unimaginably cruel conditions. One such cat was abandoned in a dark, filthy basement of a large apartment building. No one knows how long the cat was trapped in there, but thankfully, her cries didn’t go unheard.

A concerned resident heard the cat and immediately contacted SaintSpiro Cat Rescue, a professional team from New York run by a dedicated husband and wife.

A Shocking Discovery

The two of them embarked on a rescue mission right away. The resident unlocked the door so they could get the cat. Upon opening the basement’s door, everyone was left shocked. The rescuers shared:

“The cat was abandoned by someone in a 60-apartment building basement. It was filthy and dark. She is extremely innocent and trustful towards humans. She had no clue what was happening to her.”

They rescued a beautiful fluffy tabby cat from the basement and couldn’t believe how friendly she was, especially after enduring such trauma for days.

A Friendly Feline

Despite her ordeal, the cat was found in relatively good condition, and her friendly nature gave hope that she would find a forever home quickly. The stunning feline obviously craved love, and she couldn’t stop rubbing against her rescuers and thanking them for saving her life. She transformed into the loudest purring machine and just couldn’t contain her excitement.

The rescuers named the cat Penelope and continued their journey toward her new life. The first stop was at the vet’s office to ensure she was in good health. But, as soon as she arrived there, something amazing happened.

Winning Hearts

Penelope won everyone’s hearts at the vet’s office with her sweet and loving nature. She remained calm, lying on her side so that the vet could examine her.

After being a good girl throughout the examination, she headed to her foster home. The rescuer shared a heart-melting moment:

“She was calm, sitting on my wife’s lap, enjoying the car ride. She even fell asleep the last couple of miles home.”

A New Beginning

Once Penelope arrived at her foster home, she instantly settled in. She was a happy feline who just wanted to be around people and follow everyone around. She just couldn’t stop purring, as if her purring motor never ran out of fuel.

The foster home was Penelope’s residency until a family came across her story on social media and instantly fell head over heels for her.

Finding Her Forever Home

The family expressed great interest in Penelope. They already had two cats and a senior Golden Retriever, thinking that this little kitty would purrfectly fit their big family.

After a meet-and-greet, it was clear to the Spiros Rescue couple that they were a perfect match. They knew Penelope would find a loving family in no time, thanks to her friendly nature.

Penelope, now Sage, was adopted and quickly adjusted to her new home, family, and furry friends. She brings endless joy and fun to the people who love her more than she has ever been loved. The rescuers shared:

“Sage has been treated like a princess at her forever home from day one.”

From a dark and filthy basement, this gorgeous feline is now living her best life with the right people, just as she deserves!

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