Missing Dog Travels 1,300 Miles To Learn That Her Old Owner Doesn’t Want Her Anymore


It remains a mystery how a sweet Pit Bull mix from Florida found herself wandering the streets of Michigan. Trembling from the cold, she desperately hoped someone would notice her plight. Fortunately, the Humane Society of Midland County came to her rescue, bringing her to safety.

Rescued by the Humane Society

The pup, named Blue, was relieved and grateful to be taken off the streets. Shelter staff rejoiced upon discovering that Blue had a microchip.

Contacting Blue’s Owner

After calling the number registered to the microchip, a woman answered. The staffers were stunned to learn that Blue’s home was in Florida. According to the woman, Blue had gone missing a week ago, and she had no idea how the one-year-old pup ended up in Michigan.

The shelter staff members were ecstatic when the woman expressed her desire to have Blue back. They immediately began searching for a volunteer to drive Blue home. The shelter posted a plea on social media, and hundreds of people, deeply moved by Blue’s story, offered to reunite Blue with her owner.

The Journey to Florida

Stephanie James was chosen to drive the lost pup across the country. After a vacation, James and her brother picked Blue up from the shelter. The moment James saw the sweet dog for the first time, she fell in love.

The trio hopped into James’ Chevy Blazer and headed to the Sunshine State. Blue quickly grew attached to them. James melted when the affectionate pooch rested her head on her shoulder during the ride, showering them with love and adorable kisses.

Arrival at the Owner’s Home

After traveling 1,300 miles, they finally arrived at the owner’s home, where the owner’s mom welcomed them. Blue’s 22-year-old owner wasn’t home. Blue instantly recognized her home and eagerly awaited her owner’s return. The joyful pup began jumping with joy upon seeing her beloved owner.

They discussed Blue’s journey, trying to figure out how she ended up in Michigan. The owner and her mom believed Blue had made her way to the freeway, where someone must have picked her up.

The Shocking News

After some conversation, James was shocked when Blue’s owner suggested taking Blue back to the Michigan shelter. “She said to me, ‘With me going to school full-time and working full-time, I can’t commit to the dog. You seem like good people. Blue really likes you. You’ve taken good care of her,’” James recounted.

James was speechless, wishing the owner had communicated this earlier. She and her brother took Blue to the car. As they drove away, Blue couldn’t stop looking back at her home. James was heartbroken to see the sad and confused expression on Blue’s face. “We said, ‘It’s gonna be OK, Blue, we love you.’” James kept reassuring herself that Blue would be much happier elsewhere. Returning her to Michigan was the best decision for the pup.

James wished she could give Blue the home she deserved, but she already had four rescue dogs. She was confident Blue wouldn’t wait long to find a loving family. On their way back, James called the Humane Society to inform them that Blue’s owner no longer wanted her.

Blue Finds a Perfect Forever Home

Shortly afterward, the shelter staff posted an update on social media, informing Blue’s well-wishers about her situation. Heartbroken by the news, many people opened their hearts and hoped to be Blue’s forever parents.

Two hours after James and her brother returned Blue to the shelter, Robert Allison, Blue’s new dad, rushed over to see her. His beloved Pit Bull had recently passed away, and he was looking for another pup. As soon as he heard Blue’s story, he filled out an adoption application and was overjoyed when the shelter invited him to meet Blue.

Allison took a lunch break to visit the shelter. Upon seeing him, Blue ran into his arms, their connection immediate. “I walked up and she jumped on me. She definitely took right to me,” Allison said. He took Blue to her forever home the same day she returned to the shelter. Blue was overjoyed and settled in right away, showering her new family with kisses.

James visited Blue, and they were both thrilled to see each other again. We couldn’t be happier that Blue found the immense love and affection she always deserved. Many thanks to James, the Humane Society of Midland County, and everyone who helped Blue find her happy ending.

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