Earless Cat Finds Her Forever Home Thanks to a Creative Woman and Her Brilliant Idea


Stray cats live incredibly tough lives, and the story of this poor feline is a true example of that.

Allow me to introduce you to Lady in a Fur Coat, a beautiful stray kitty who was rescued from the streets. Her journey, unfortunately, took a painful turn when the veterinarians revealed some bad news.

Lady in a Fur Coat suffered from chronic ear infections and hematomas.

According to PetMD, minor infections and small ear hematomas often resolve on their own if treated properly or with professional medical intervention.

Unfortunately, Lady in a Fur Coat wasn’t treated on time.

She suffered severe infections and large hematomas, which required the removal of the external portion of her ears to relieve the pain.

(Credit: Ash Collins)

Faced with the prospect of Lady’s altered appearance making it challenging for her to find a loving forever home, a compassionate and skilled woman stepped forward to make a difference.

Ash Collins, a dedicated worker at the Dane County Humane Society in Wisconsin, decided to unleash her inner creativity to restore this poor kitty’s confidence and give her a new chance in life.

With nimble fingers and a heart full of kindness, Ash crocheted a pair of adorable ears for Lady. These crocheted ears not only replaced what she had lost but also added a touch of style to her appearance.

Just take a moment to admire her; have you ever seen a more adorable kitty? I don’t think so! What’s even more heartwarming is that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

(Credit: Ash Collins)

After the Dane County Humane Society shared Lady’s remarkable story and photos on their Facebook page, everyone fell in love with her and provided her with lots of support.

“Lady required her ear flaps to be removed due to chronic infection and hematomas. That hasn’t kept her, though, from giving some happy head bumps to everyone she meets!”

In the end, Lady not only received countless supportive and affectionate comments but she also found a loving family and a forever home.

I couldn’t be happier for Lady; she truly deserves a wonderful life, especially after all she has endured.

Her story is a testament to resilience, compassion, and the boundless capacity for love that exists in the world.

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