Rescued Kitten Forms Tight Bond with Family Cat, Becomes Stage Five Clinger


A kitten who was rescued along with his sisters took a liking to a family cat and turned into a stage-five clinger.

Bear the Cat and His Foster Kitten Squirt

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

Three tiny kittens arrived at their foster home in desperate need of care. They were just skin and bones, rough around the edges, and had a lot of growing and healing to do.

“They were very skinny and dirty when I got them, so I assume they were on their own for a bit before they made their way to IndyHumane (in Indianapolis, Indiana),” Jennifer, a foster volunteer at IndyHumane, shared with Love Meow. “At around four weeks old, these kittens were undersized, weighing approximately 12-13 ounces each.”

Three Foster Kittens: Splash, Spritz, and Squirt

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

Despite their poor condition, the two tabby girls, Splash and Spritz, showed plenty of sass. Their ginger brother, Squirt, was a bit shy at first, but some good food and soft things soon fixed that.

Spritz wears an endearing grumpy face and doesn’t hesitate to show off her cattitude. She is the most playful of the three and loves her new digs and toys.

Spritz Has a Lot of Sass and Attitude

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

After a few days, the ginger kitten warmed up to his foster mom and even crawled into her lap for some intense cuddles.

“Squirt was the most leery of me at first. He even hissed when I came into the room, but now, he’s obsessed with me. He wants to be in my lap all the time and purrs his head off when getting head and face scritches,” Jennifer said.

Squirt Warmed Up to His Foster Mom and Turned into a Cuddle-Bug

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

With proper care, a comfy place, and nutritious food, the kittens have gained some healthy weight and are putting their newfound energy to good use. Jennifer spoils them with an assortment of toys and kitty furniture to keep the trio entertained.

The Trio

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

Bear, Jennifer’s resident cat and foster brother extraordinaire, was excited to meet the kittens when they were ready for a meet-and-greet. He has been a great help for many fosters that have come through the door.

“The first meeting was no contact. The two girls were curious about Bear, but Squirt wasn’t so sure. He was the same way with me at first, but he warms up quickly,” Jennifer told Love Meow.

Meeting Bear for the First Time

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

After about two weeks in foster care, the kittens were finally ready to hang out with their resident buddy. Bear hopped right into the playpen and assumed the role of the kittens’ mentor. “He just likes to help out with the fosters!”

Watch Bear and his foster kittens in this cute video: Bear the Cat and His Foster Kittens

Squirt enjoys spending time with Bear by the window, watching cat TV. When they are not cuddling with each other, the ginger boy will try to play with Bear’s tail — his favorite toy.

Bear seems to always know what his fosters need and offers snuggles to those who could use them the most.

Bear Took Squirt Under His Wing

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

Bear is giving the tabby sisters the space they demand, as Splash and Spritz insist that they are the boss cats in their playpen. Meanwhile, Squirt loves Bear’s presence and asks for attention on demand.

“Squirt has definitely become the most opinionated and attention-seeking kitten of the group. He loves to be held and cuddled!”

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

Bear has a way of helping kittens find confidence with his magic touch. He will go around playing with the rambunctious little ones and let them snuggle with him for comfort on their own terms.

Spritz remains the big boss in the foster room. She may be tiny but has a mighty personality.

Spritz the Sassy Girl

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

Just like these kittens, Bear used to be a foster himself when he came to Jennifer in need of love. He became a permanent resident in the family and the coolest friend to all their foster kitties.

Cat TV Buddies

Jennifer @newkittensontheblock

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