Man Who Swore He’d Never Stop Looking for His Lost Dog Finally Finds Him After 4 Years!


So glad you never gave up on your best friend and that he is back home with you where he belongs. ❤️

Thank goodness. They aren’t just dogs; they are part of our family and our friends. They can’t just be replaced. I applaud his efforts to find his friend and bring him home. He waited a long time for him. So happy you got reunited, never gave up, and you both will live in happiness! 💙

In 2016, Michael Joy experienced every dog-owner’s worst nightmare. His three beloved dogs got loose and went missing. Two of the dogs came back, but Sam, the 4-month-old Lab cross, was still nowhere to be found. Michael checked all the local shelters and searched everywhere for Sam, but had no luck.

Michael and his family eventually moved to Kentucky, but he never gave up hope that Sam was out there somewhere. He made regular trips back to their previous home in Georgia, hoping that Sam might still turn up there. Almost five years passed, and Michael still hadn’t been able to find Sam.

So happy that he finally found Sam! 🐶😊😊

But then one day, out of nowhere, Michael received a call from City Dogs Cleveland. The shelter had given Sam a medical exam, and in the process, they scanned him and found his microchip. They were then able to trace him back to the Joy family.

Michael drove eight hours to Ohio that same day, hoping that Sam would still remember him. Both Michael and Sam had changed a lot over those years. Michael shared: “As we get up there and I’m waiting for them to pull Sam out, you can just see the anticipation in my face. I was like a kid on Christmas.”

Glad he’s home with his original owner. 💓

Sam was just as excited as Michael was! He couldn’t stop wagging his tail and jumping all over his dad. Grateful for your blessing of being reunited with your handsome pet.

That’s a good man and one lucky dog!! 👏 Never gave up on finding a member of the family. Wonderful man…

Awesome love is unbeatable! Congratulations on finding your pup!❤️ Now, enjoy your life together!!!🐾❤️🐾

Such a heartwarming story!

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