Tiny Kitten Found Barely Moving Gets Another Opportunity At Life


When I first learned about Yassin and his work, it restored my faith in humanity. This compassionate man has opened his home to numerous stray cats and kittens, sadly abandoned in his local community.

However, today I will tell you about a special tiny kitten Yassin saved, one that completely won over my heart.

A Heartbreaking Discovery

One day, Yassin was running some errands when he found a tiny black and white kitten abandoned on a staircase. He rushed to scoop up the kitten, but what he soon learned broke his heart.

The poor fellow was completely covered in fleas, unable to open his eyes. Sadly, the kitten was not moving at all. The poor soul had almost given up his fight to stay in this world.

Racing Against Time

Yassin decided to fight for the kitten’s life and soon found himself racing against the clock. The closest vet was almost 30 minutes away, and he was determined to make it. As he shared in his video:

“I knew if I didn’t get him to the vet in time, he might not have made it.”

He kept stimulating the kitten with his right hand while maneuvering the steering wheel with his left, all in hopes of keeping the kitten awake.

An Uncertain Prognosis

Unfortunately, the vet didn’t have high hopes for the kitten. The poor baby couldn’t eat or move much, but Yassin couldn’t just give up. As he mentioned:

“I took him back home because if he’s meant to make it, he will. If not, at least I did what I could.”

Nursing Picsu Back to Life

Yassin adorably named the kitten Picsu and did his best to nurse him back to health. He fed him through a syringe and ensured Picsu had plenty of water. The poor soul was extremely dehydrated.

The first few days, Picsu was barely moving. He was so malnourished and tired, most of the time he spent sleeping while Yassin worried. As he said:

“I would go to sleep and wake up every two hours just praying, ‘Please, I just want to find him alive’.”

A Remarkable Recovery

However, by the second week, little Picsu started improving. Yassin was thrilled to see him jumping and playing around. It meant his efforts finally paid off!

The little fluffball started surprising Yassin and playing with his hands, gradually letting his true kitten personality shine through, as Yassin recalls:

“He wanted to play, he wanted to bite a little bit.”

Picsu’s New Life

Fast forward to today, Picsu is the true definition of a happy and healthy cat. His tail is the fluffiest thing ever, and overall he is such a handsome boy!

In addition, Picsu became his daddy’s favorite, as Yassin shared:

“He grew up to be the most exceptional cat among them all. The moment I would just open the door, he would come sprinting to me and hug me like a human being.”

A Special Bond

Yassin and Picsu formed a special bond, and his dad is more than happy he fought for him so hard.

From a tiny sick kitten to a gorgeous fluffball, Picsu lives his best life in his forever home.

Make sure to follow Yassin’s amazing work on Instagram as he embarks on the never-ending journey to save our feline friends.

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