Owner Leaves His Dog In A Public Bathroom After 9 Years Together Due To A Heartbreaking Reason


Sometimes, a little bit of faith is all you need.

When Ladybird, a senior black Lab, ended up in a park bathroom in Destrehan, Louisiana, she didn’t lose hope. Her owner, who was in a very difficult situation at the time, left her there temporarily with a heartbreaking note.

It didn’t take long for this sweet dog to be found by kind rescuers, but what she received that day was so much more than a simple rescue.

Ladybird’s Story

The reason why Ladybird ended up in a public bathroom was heartbreaking. She and her owner spent 9 amazing years together, traveling the country and living side by side inseparably since she was six weeks old.

Every time the road became weary, the two would return to their home in North Carolina. They would spend some time with the family and then embark on another journey together.

This time, however, things went south when Ladybird’s owner became homeless in Louisiana.

He had been living in a shelter, trying to save as much money as possible so he and Ladybird could travel back to North Carolina. Without a car and roof over their heads, he decided to leave Ladybird overnight in a bathroom. He left a note, saying that he would be back in the morning, and begged anyone who found Ladybird to be kind to her. He even left some water in case she needed it.

Journey Home

The next morning, the owner returned to the spot where he left his dog, but she wasn’t there anymore. He immediately contacted animal control, who informed him that Ladybird had been sent to St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter.

When the rescuers learned Ladybird and her owner’s full story, they decided to help. Despite the fact that their case wasn’t ordinary, the team felt the urge to assist this loyal duo who stood by each other for so many years.

They managed to get in contact with Virginia Beach SPCA and transfer Ladybird there. This amazing team took the dog in, ensuring she got a nice bath and a day of pampering at the local spa. When she was done with the treatment, the team rewarded her with a tasty pupachino for being such a good girl.

Once Ladybird’s story went public, a group of pet organizations stepped in and decided to contribute and help her get back home safely. They raised funds for the flight home and provided Ladybird with medical care and pet supplies. Eventually, this sweet girl arrived at her family home in North Carolina, where she had the sweetest reunion with her grandma.

The two were over the moon to meet each other again after so much time. Her owner got in touch with his dog’s rescuers later, updating them on his and Ladybird’s situation.

“Ladybird is doing wonderfully with her family in North Carolina! We had quite a few questions about her human in Louisiana, and we want everyone to know that he is doing well and is so happy that Ladybird is home,” the VBSPCA team wrote on Facebook.

After all the hardship the two had been through, they were finally able to return to their normal life – all thanks to a group of giant-hearted people driven by nothing but pure love for animals!

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