Terrified Stray Dog Races Along Railroad Tracks, Desperately Seeking Rescue


On a bitterly cold day, staff at a Missouri rescue center were alarmed to see a frightened stray dog running along the railroad tracks. Knowing the urgency of the situation with a train due any moment, they quickly sprang into action.

The desperate white pup navigated the metro tracks, visibly exhausted and overwhelmed by his surroundings, silently pleading for someone to notice him and provide a safe, warm haven.

Joining Forces To Save The Pup

The imminent train was not the only danger. “The area where we first spotted him was dangerously exposed, right above the river. A single misstep could have sent him plummeting into the water,” explained Donna Lochmann, chief life-saving officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

Lochmann’s initial reaction was to dash towards the pup, whom they later named Laclede, to rescue him from the tracks before the train’s arrival. However, her colleagues insisted on prioritizing her safety, preventing her from venturing onto the tracks.

Instead, Lochmann implemented a foolproof plan, enticing Laclede towards safety with tasty treats. Once metro staff alerted the train conductor to the canine obstacle, the train slowed, allowing rescue workers to guide the dog to safety.

Through collective efforts, Lochmann secured Laclede with a leash, and a collective sigh of relief was felt. “He was terrified, filthy, emaciated, and shivering from the single-digit temperatures and biting wind… It was a relief to finally get him off those tracks,” Lochmann recounted.

Feeling Safe And Grateful

Once safe, Lochmann cradled him in her arms to her warm Jeep. The rescue team enveloped him in cuddles, and the pup, feeling secure and cherished, soon fell asleep during the car ride.

Upon arrival at the rescue center in St. Louis, Missouri, veterinarians confirmed that, aside from malnutrition and filth, Laclede was in relatively good health. After a soothing bath and nutritious meals, his spirits began to lift. He looked up at his rescuers with eyes brimming with gratitude, now realizing his fortune had turned.

Day by day, Laclede’s condition and demeanor improved, revealing his charming personality and endearing himself to everyone. “Everyone who meets Laclede falls in love instantly. He’s lively and exuberant, yet so gentle and tender-hearted,” shared the rescue in a Facebook update.

The team adores Laclede and eagerly anticipates finding him a forever home.

Searching For His Place Under The Sun

Laclede, now content and unafraid, enjoys his time with the staff and volunteers but is hopeful for a family of his own. He dreams of the day he will run into the arms of his forever parents, embrace them tightly, and embark on a new chapter in his life.

I sincerely hope Laclede finds his perfect home soon. He truly deserves it.

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