Brave Goldendoodle Rescues A Baby Fawn From Drowning In A Lake


Not all heroes wear capes… that’s for sure! Some wear nothing but a smile, like Harley!

This heroic Goldendoodle from Virginia made headlines worldwide, leaping into action when his help was most needed!

This six-year-old canine was spotted by his owner, Ralph Dorn, about 200 feet from shore, paddling with an unknown animal for the most selfless reason ever.

As he came closer, Ralph realized that Harley wasn’t just casually swimming – he was in the midst of a rescue mission!

Harley Immediately Rushed Into Action

Ralph Dorn, a man from Virginia, knew his Goldendoodle, Harley, wasn’t an ordinary dog. He has always been a good boy, very intuitive and stunningly intelligent.

Still, Harley managed to surprise his human once more when he rushed into action to save a baby fawn from drowning.

“Harley must’ve seen the fawn out in the water and just jumped into action,” Ralph said.

As soon as he spotted the baby fawn helplessly trying to get out of the water, he jumped into action! He didn’t think twice nor did he ask why – he just started swimming towards the baby, who was around 200 feet from shore at the time.

Paddling With His Friend Until They Were Safe

Helping the fawn, which was only a few days old, was no easy task! Harley had to guide her all the way to the shore, as the baby lacked coordination and didn’t know how to get there. But there was Harley – swimming like a pro and herding his newest friend to the shoreline!

“Every time the fawn tried to turn away, Harley would herd it back towards the shoreline, and they kept getting closer and closer,” Ralph recounted.

One thing is for sure – if it wasn’t for Harley, the baby would definitely not have survived! Fortunately, this Golden boy successfully got the fawn to the shore, and once they were out of the water, he started licking its body and caring for it.

He just wanted to make sure the baby was safe, and he definitely didn’t want to leave it!

However, the fawn’s mom showed up on the lawn just a few moments after the rescue. As soon as Ralph spotted her, he and Harley went inside their house to ensure the baby and the mom reunited in peace.

A Beautiful Friendship Was Made

Ralph thought that was the end of it, but the next morning, Harley surprised him even more! He was drinking coffee with his wife, Patricia, when this Golden boy approached them and started running from one window to another.

He clearly wanted to go out, but Ralph didn’t know why. He opened the front door and let Harley out, only to witness the most adorable thing ever!

Harley had heard the little fawn bleating nearby – the exact same fawn he saved from the lake the day before! He ran energetically towards the baby, and as soon as they got together, the fawn stopped bleating.

The two shared a few adorable moments together, sniffing each other and wagging their tails – and that was it! After their brief meeting, Harley returned to the house, all happy to have seen his little friend!

Harley’s intuition and his extraordinary ability to help others isn’t a surprise! Before his heroic rescue, he worked as a certified therapy dog, helping the elderly and children in his local community!

He has always been an impeccable boy, ready to jump into action and help others whenever needed. That’s just who he is – the perfect Goldendoodle!

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