Puppy With A Broken Spine Couldn’t Stop Crying From The Pain When Good Souls Found Him


Just as they often bring us joy, dogs can also bring tears to our eyes. Numerous sad situations involving our furry friends can break our hearts, and the fate of one two-month-old puppy is a prime example.

A poor little pup, later named Arslan, had an accident before finding himself in the middle of nowhere, lying helplessly and crying out in pain and hopelessness. Just when he began to lose hope that anyone would find him, some good souls appeared and decided to help.

Saving The Poor Little One

When the kind-hearted rescuers found Arslan, the dog writhed in pain. One of them tried to pick him up, but at every touch, the puppy would start whining uncontrollably. He was in so much pain.

Seeing that it was a serious injury, they realized they had to act quickly. One of the rescuers gently took him in his arms and carried him to his car. All this time, Arslan did not stop crying.

When they finally arrived at the vet, Arslan was still in pain but didn’t cry anymore because he simply did not have any energy left to do so. He just lay on the veterinary table, looking desperately into the distance.

It saddened these people so much that they decided they would do anything to help him and ensure a brighter future.

After the vet examined him using X-rays, it turned out that Arslan had suffered a spine fracture. As his rescuers had assumed, it was a very serious injury that required immediate surgery. To their delight, the operation was successful.

From the moment he woke up, these good people showered Arslan with lots of love and attention and, of course, helped him recover physically. Although it was not easy, this amazing boy was brave and persistent, making more progress every day.

The people who cared for him were eagerly waiting for that happy day—the day of his complete recovery.

Forever In His Heart

The savior who carried Arslan in his arms at the beginning of this story decided to bring him home when the dog was discharged from the hospital.

Even though Arslan was a young pup, he demonstrated a strong spirit, which even surprised his rescuer a little. However, he was very happy with it, as was with every moment spent with this amazing dog.

Every day, Arslan showed his true colors more and more, full of love and positivity. His foster dad adored him for that, and the two created a strong bond during their time together.

Besides his dad, Arslan also befriended another family member—a furry one. Arslan and his canine friend enjoyed playing together so much that they became inseparable. Everything was so idyllic in this home.

Then came the day everyone was impatiently waiting for. Arslan was vaccinated and finally made a full recovery, which should have been the happiest day for his savior. However, it was not exactly like that because that day was also the day of parting.

One man fell in love with Arslan so much that he decided to adopt him. Although it was difficult to say “goodbye,” his rescuer eventually became very happy that Arslan would finally have the life he deserved.

On the other hand, the memory of the moment when he took Arslan in his arms and led him to a better future will forever remain in the heart of this man. It is something that will bind their souls ever after.

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