Despite Her Blindness, Brave Mama Cat Finds Help For Her Precious Babies


A mother’s love knows no limits, a truth vividly embodied by a blind feline who, after years of wandering, finally found a family and led them to her hidden kittens.

An elderly couple had often noticed a stray cat near their home, but it was their son who discovered the cat’s critical condition—her eyes were crusted shut, rendering her blind.

Driven by a sense of urgency, the blind cat led the son to a secluded spot where her kittens were nestled, revealing her determination to secure their safety.

Realizing the gravity of their situation, he reached out to Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) in Corpus Christi, Texas. Mary Huckabee, a CBCR officer, shared, “He contacted our rescue for help. Initially, we thought the cat suffered from severe eye infections.”

Named Clue by the rescuers, the blind cat and her kittens were taken into foster care. The family faced numerous health challenges likely due to their previous harsh living conditions. Two kittens were malnourished and displayed signs of upper respiratory infections.

Upon further veterinary examination, it was confirmed that Clue was completely blind, born with a condition likely to be congenital microphthalmia, which meant she had very small or absent eyes. Despite her disability, Clue was a devoted mother, comfortably nursing her kittens and fiercely protective.

“Our vet believes enucleation is necessary to prevent future infections, but being blind doesn’t seem to affect her,” Mary noted. Clue adjusted quickly to her new surroundings, showing remarkable resilience.

As the kittens received treatment and began to gain weight, Clue ensured they were always close. Mary recounted, “She gets anxious if a kitten meows from an unexpected location but manages well.”

As the kittens grew and started exploring beyond what Clue considered safe, she tirelessly brought them back, eventually accepting their newfound independence.

Over time, Clue herself transformed from a cautious to an affectionate cat, enjoying interactions with her foster family, particularly when receiving head scratches and belly rubs. “She starts making biscuits as soon as her foster mom enters the enclosure,” Mary explained.

Proud of how well Clue adapted to indoor life, Mary highlighted, “Despite her history as an outdoor cat and her blindness, she mastered using the litter box quickly and relishes her new comfortable life.”

The kittens, each with distinct personalities, thrived in foster care. “Candyland is sassy and adventurous, Monopoly enjoys belly rubs and is honing her pouncing skills, and Chutes and Ladders, once shy, now eagerly seeks affection,” Mary detailed.

After enduring tough conditions outdoors, Clue is now flourishing indoors, secure in the knowledge that she and her kittens are safe, well-fed, and loved.

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