Abused And Neglected Dog Escapes His Owner And Gets His Life Turned Around


Not every dog gets to live a happy life with an owner who absolutely adores them. Sadly, many dogs spend their entire lives being mistreated and abused, never knowing what real love feels like.

The pup in today’s story is no different. Tich, a three-month-old pup, endured a harsh existence with a terrible owner who denied him the life he deserved.

He was abused and neglected, leaving him anxious and unhappy.

Escape and Rescue

Fortunately, Tich decided he had enough of this terrible life and managed to flee from his frightening owner, eventually finding someone who genuinely cared for him.

Upon escaping his abusive home, Tich encountered a compassionate human who immediately sensed something was wrong.

Realizing how terrified the dog was, this kind-hearted individual quickly understood the poor pup needed help.

Without wasting a moment, he picked up Tich and took him to safety.

A New Beginning

He immediately brought Tich to the vet to check for any injuries. Despite being infested with ticks, a sign of severe neglect, Tich had no broken bones.

During his thorough checkup, Tich remained patient and calm, even starting to play in the vet’s exam room.

After a refreshing bath and a hearty meal, Tich began to realize he was finally in a safe place, wagging his tail uncontrollably.

Recognizing that Tich was just a pup longing for love, his rescuers decided he was ready for a forever home.

New Life

Before long, Tich met a family who, after hearing his story, couldn’t believe someone could harm such a sweet little dog.

Knowing they could provide a loving home, the family decided to adopt Tich, making him the newest and cutest member of their family.

Tich is now safe, spending his days with people he trusts who show him every single day that he is worthy of love and attention.

He has completely come out of his shell, transforming into the sweetest pup who just wants to have fun!

Final Word

Animal abuse is never acceptable!

If, for any reason, you can no longer care for your dog or simply don’t want them anymore, please do not mistreat them.

Instead, take them to your local shelter where the staff can provide them with the care and comfort they need, helping them cope with the loss of their best friend.

Violence is never the answer – dogs have feelings too!

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