Alabama Mom’s Struggle with Thousands of Tumors and Fear of Removal


An Alabama mother has faced a lifetime of stares and judgment due to the clusters of tumors that blanket her body. Despite the discomfort they cause, she’s hesitant to undergo removal surgery, fearing the potential for them to return even larger and more perilous.

Ashley Jernigan, aged 35, grapples with an unspecified variant of neurofibromatosis, a congenital condition triggering the growth of tumors along nerves. Consequently, she finds herself enveloped in countless pebble-like growths, so agonizing that she’s unable to don footwear.

The relentless presence of these tumors has subjected Jernigan to incessant bullying. “Whenever I step out, I’m met with stares and derogatory gestures,” she revealed to Caters News Agency, acknowledging the resilience required to endure such scrutiny. Moreover, she’s encountered false claims suggesting contagion.

This condition has cast a shadow over her romantic prospects, with Jernigan expressing reluctance to pursue relationships due to the inevitable scrutiny. She emphasizes the necessity for a partner who possesses the strength to see beyond her affliction and appreciate her for who she is.

Despite the numerous hurdles she faces, the brave mother steadfastly refuses to undergo surgery to remove the lumps, citing past experiences where they returned even larger. While these growths are benign, Jernigan remains vigilant, recognizing their potential to evolve into cancer. Tragically, neurofibromatosis claimed the life of her mother, who, like her, was enveloped in tumors, succumbing to the disease at the tender age of 25.

Despite medical advice to the contrary, Jernigan went on to defy warnings and give birth to four children: Darnell, 15, Devon, 14, Keonna, 8, and Kaiden, 5, a decision that exacerbated her own condition.

Adding to her distress, her eldest son Darnell is already displaying symptoms of neurofibromatosis. The fear and anguish this revelation incites have led Jernigan to adamantly refuse testing for her other children, fearing the devastation of discovering they too are afflicted.

“I worry about what lies ahead, but dwelling on it is too disheartening,” Jernigan confided, encapsulating the profound emotional weight of her circumstances.

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