Parents’ Love Drives Them to Remove Daughter’s Birthmark


Parents go above and beyond for their children to assist and protect them. Celine Casey, a British woman, took an exceptional step for her daughter, Vienna Brookshaw. Born in April 2021, Vienna had a birthmark between her eyebrows on her forehead.

An Uncommon Condition

The birthmark, a congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN), posed no health risks, but Casey was concerned about the emotional effects it might have on Vienna as she grew older. Congenital melanocytic nevus is a rare disorder where a baby is born with a harmless cluster of pigment cells, which can grow with the child. Worried about the challenges Vienna might face, Casey sought medical advice to explore options for removing the birthmark.

“We cherish every moment of Vienna’s journey and eagerly await the day she can express her own thoughts,” said Casey, who is immensely compassionate. “We will always and forever love her, birthmark or not.”

The Need to Be Accepted

Casey was motivated to have Vienna’s birthmark removed because her baby seemed uncomfortable with the way people stared at her. Vienna was treated differently from other babies, which strengthened Casey’s resolve to pursue the removal.

Overcoming Difficulties

When Casey first requested the operation, the National Health Service (NHS) declined, stating it was more cosmetic than medically necessary. Undeterred, Casey started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds from generous donors. The campaign raised an astounding $52,000 in just one day. However, due to increased hospital costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, they still needed an additional $27,000 for the procedure.

In a bid to raise the remaining funds, they returned to GoFundMe to cover the cost of Vienna’s birthmark removal. “Everyone has insecurities about their body,” said Casey. “Even though the doctor assured us it wouldn’t currently affect Vienna’s mental health, we saw it differently. Little ones are sensitive and pick up on these things, especially when they start school at age three.”

A Pathway to Recovery

Vienna’s birthmark has been successfully removed, and she is now a healthy two-year-old with only a tiny scar remaining on her forehead. Casey often comments on her daughter’s extreme beauty and provides regular updates on her recovery.

The concerned parents even traveled to London to have the surgeon confirm that the small scar was healing properly. Vienna had already undergone three operations and treatments, so they wanted to ensure no further procedures were needed. Fortunately, she is currently well and does not require any additional medical attention.

Vienna’s Promising Future

We send our warmest regards to little Vienna. We wish her a lifetime of health and happiness as she grows up. Don’t hesitate to share her inspirational story with others!

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