Disabled Cat Is So Happy to Make His First Friend After Escaping Euthanasia


In the quiet countryside of Wisconsin, a tiny kitten named Snapple faced a challenging start to life. Born with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), a condition affecting motor skills and balance, his future looked uncertain.

But Snapple’s story took a heartwarming turn thanks to the compassion of a Minneapolis rescue group and the unwavering support of a devoted foster mom named Kris.

Kris saw beyond Snapple’s condition, recognizing the vibrant spark in his eyes. She decided to foster him and try her best to secure him a brighter future.

As Snapple grew, his cheerful spirit became impossible to ignore, and Kris knew he deserved a forever home where he could continue to thrive.

A Chance at Love

Around the same time, a couple from Hawaii was discussing adopting a special needs cat. They contacted Snapple’s foster mom, Kris, filled with questions and concerns about caring for a disabled cat.

Kris, with her nurturing nature, reassured them. She explained the ins and outs of caring for a cat with CH, instilling confidence and hope in the couple.

The couple agreed to a meet-and-greet, leading to a woman flying nine hours from Hawaii to Minneapolis. Determined to meet her new feline friend, she spent the night and left the next morning after a heartfelt meeting with Snapple. Despite the challenges ahead, she and her husband decided to make Snapple a permanent part of their family.

Navigating Challenges

After all the paperwork was completed, their joy was spoiled by Hawaii’s strict animal quarantine laws. Snapple couldn’t go to his forever home for another four months. The couple asked Kris if she could continue fostering Snapple, which she gladly accepted.

During those four months, Kris and Snapple formed an even deeper bond. When the time finally came for Snapple to move to his new home, Kris traveled with him to Hawaii, staying with the family for a week to ensure a smooth transition.

A New Friend

Snapple’s new home came with an unexpected surprise: another kitty named Moana, the couple’s first “foster fail.” The two cats hit it off immediately, and Moana quickly became Snapple’s best friend and guardian.

From the beginning, whenever Snapple seemed in discomfort, Moana would rush to check on him. She stayed with him constantly, sensing his sadness when Kris left, and continued to be protective even after Snapple adjusted to his new environment.

Moana’s patience and caring nature have helped Snapple feel like a regular cat, giving him the confidence to explore his new world despite his physical limitations.

A Bond Like No Other

Their owner feels incredibly close to Snapple, describing him as an extension of their family. In an interview, they shared:

“I want to say we are his sixth limb. We call his tail the fifth one because he uses it to communicate with us and help him move around.”

Snapple’s CH doesn’t affect his cognitive ability. “It’s not something that is painful. Snapple was supposed to be euthanized, and I believe he had a few days left. Foster mom, Kris, wanted to just give him the last few days of love and life. And she quickly realized that he had a lot of life and had a spark for life, and it was not his time to go.”

A Bright Future

Snapple is full of life and joy, always excited when he sees a toy or his friend Moana. He joined his forever family when he was about 11 months old and has been with them for about three years. They hope they’ll be together for many more years to come.

He is a healthy, lucky, and above all, happy little boy! His family and Moana are both fortunate and happy to have him in their lives.

Share Snapple’s heartwarming story with your friends and help spread awareness of CH kitties who deserve a chance at a loving life, just like any other cat out there.

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