“SHE LOVES ME UNCONDITIONALLY”: De Niro Unveils His One-Year-Old Daughter and Shares His Experience as an 81-Year-Old Father


Just months before turning 80, legendary actor Robert De Niro welcomed his seventh child, and he is now sharing his joys of fatherhood with his youngest. De Niro, who usually keeps his personal life out of the limelight, has recently been at the center of media attention for becoming a father at 79.

Breaking from his typical reserve, he recently introduced his daughter, born in April 2023, to the public. He also opened up about the unique experience of fatherhood in his later years.

Holding his daughter Gia, who shares features with both her famed father and her mother, Tiffany Chen—who is 35 years younger than De Niro—he appeared on The View. There, the Oscar-winning actor acknowledged the support he receives in parenting, admitting he doesn’t manage everything alone.

“She is the only one who loves me unconditionally, without anything, without criticism,” Robert De Niro shared.

Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen announced their daughter’s arrival one month after Gia was born, following two years of dating. De Niro, already a father to six other children and a grandfather to three, faced the loss of his grandson Leandro in July of the previous year.

In a recent People interview, De Niro described Gia as “an irresistible baby, so sweet.” He added, “When I look at her, everything else disappears. It’s a great joy and relief to be with her.”

Around the same time, De Niro’s contemporary, Al Pacino, also became a father at 84, igniting discussions in the media about the implications of parenthood at such an advanced age. Nevertheless, De Niro seemed to have thoughtfully planned for this new chapter in his life, expressing surprise to Page Six when asked if the baby was planned, indicating that this was indeed a considered decision.

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