Severely Injured Mama Pup Looked At Her Rescuers With Tears, Begging Them To Save Her Babies


When one thinks of a pup, one probably imagines a happy animal – man’s best friend running around and enjoying life.

There is a very high probability that they completely forget about the fact that a lot of dogs are forced to live on the streets, searching for shelter and fighting for scraps to survive. And, even those who have a home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are well taken care of. Mindy, the pup of today’s story, is living proof of exactly that.

Meet Mindy

Mindy’s life was anything but happy. She was living in the back of the family home, in a cold, dirty, and muddy environment. And, on top of all that, she just gave birth! Poor Mindy was so exhausted from the labor that all she could do was lay on the ground and quietly nurse her eight pups.

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Luckily, animal rescuers heard about her story and immediately made sure that she was surrendered into their care. As soon as they brought her to the shelter, they gave her a thorough medical exam in which it was determined that she was severely injured.

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The vet team was waiting for her X-rays, but they assumed that she had a spinal fracture that would probably prevent her from ever walking again. She had two severely infected open wounds on her body that the medical team was trying their best to heal as soon as possible. Unfortunately, her puppies were also battling with severe parasite infestations.

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Despite all these challenges, their caregivers refused to give up! They made sure that they were as comfortable as possible, and had plenty of nutritious food as well as loads of daily fun.

Looking For A Home

After almost two months, the adorable puppies grew big and strong and were ready for a home of their own! And, since they were so cute and friendly, all of them managed to find loving homes in no time.

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Unfortunately, the vets’ assumptions were true – the mama dog was left permanently paralyzed in her back legs. But, that didn’t stop her from having a good life. Her shelter is making sure she knows, with every passing day, that she is loved and appreciated. She is having fun with other humans and furry friends, taking one day at a time.

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