A Stray Who Couldn’t Even Look At Her Rescuers In The Eyes Finds Out What It’s Like To Be Loved


Ellie is a puppy who had a very difficult life growing up. She was a stray living on the streets, searching for shelter and fighting for scraps to survive. However, Ellie’s life was about to change.


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Ellie was finally rescued and brought to a shelter where she felt a bit confused. Having never slept in a warm bed, Ellie needed time to adjust to the loving environment she found herself in.

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She was terrified of everything and didn’t really have an appetite. Some time had passed, and a couple, Suzanne Perez and Dillion James, visited the shelter, hoping to adopt a furry friend and expand their little family.

(Source: @badgirlelliebear)

As soon as they met Ellie, a Blue Heeler and American Staffy Mix, they knew she would be the perfect fit.

New Life

The couple adopted Ellie and immediately brought her home. During the car ride, Ellie wasn’t sure of what was going on, so she was quite reserved.

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Even though Ellie needed some time to adjust to the new family, she felt safe. Over time, she started to relax, understanding what love and affection felt like, and her real personality began to shine through.

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Her reserved personality became a thing of the past, as Ellie was now the happiest pup around. She loves spending time running around, playing, and cuddling with her family as well as her cat sibling.

(Source: @badgirlelliebear)

Importance Of Adopting

According to research conducted by The Zebra, 3.3 million dogs enter shelters yearly across the U.S. Unfortunately, 670,000 dogs end up euthanized. Adoption plays a key factor if we want to lower this number.

However, adopting a dog doesn’t only mean saving a life and providing them a safe and comfortable space. It also means that you will gain a friend for life. Since dogs are social animals who love being around people, they will prove to be very loyal and devoted companions who can offer emotional support, reduce loneliness, and overall, bring joy to your life.

So, adopting a sweet pup will not only benefit them, but it will also improve the life of the proud owner. It will bring joy, companionship, and a sense of fulfillment to the adorable little family!

Save a pup, adopt now!

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