10 Of The Biggest Weight Loss Transformations Of All Time


Many attribute weight gain and obesity to a lack of willpower, but this explanation is overly simplistic. Some of the most remarkable weight loss transformations of all time prove that there’s more to the story.

Weight gain is largely a result of lifestyle and eating habits, but some people are at a disadvantage due to genetics and hormones influencing their control over food intake.

Overeating can be driven by genetics and hormones, making some people more predisposed to gaining weight.

This doesn’t mean we can’t control ourselves. With perseverance, dedication, and willpower, we can change our lifestyle and behavior. While some people may lose weight easily, for others, it’s a more challenging journey.

Claiming that weight gain is solely due to a lack of willpower is inaccurate.

We’ve compiled an incredible list of the biggest weight loss transformations of all time. Let these stories serve as proof that significant weight loss is achievable!

1. David Elmore Smith (lost 185kg)

(Before image: David Elmore Smith Facebook. After image: MSNBC Today Show)

David was on the brink of giving up his life, known as the “650-pound virgin.” His health and relationships deteriorated as his weight spiraled out of control. Thanks to trainer Chris Powell, David took small daily steps, such as walking around the house and avoiding cheat meals, leading to a loss of over 100 kilograms.

  • Original weight: 294kg
  • Weight lost: 185kg
  • Percentage of body mass lost: 62%

2. Ronnie Brewer (lost 180kg)

Image: 600 lbs to success

Ronnie struggled with his weight until he decided that enough was enough. After two years of intense gym workouts, diet restrictions, and motivation from Taylor Swift songs, he went from 306kg to losing 180kg, plus an additional 16kg of excess skin through surgery.

  • Original weight: 306kg
  • Weight lost: 180kg + 16kg of skin
  • Body mass percentage lost: 65%

3. Danny Cahill (lost 108kg)

(Before image: NBC. After image: NBC)

Danny’s life changed when he joined season 8 of the American version of The Biggest Loser. Though he always struggled with obesity, his determination to lose weight paid off as he became the series winner. A study on Danny and his co-stars later revealed severe metabolic damage.

  • Original Weight: 195kg
  • Weight lost: 108kg
  • Percentage of body mass lost: 55.8%

4. Brian Flemming (lost 165kg)

(Image: Runkeeper)

Brian Flemming weighed around 300kg and suffered from severe depression. Consuming over 5,000 calories daily with no physical activity, he decided to change after his mother lost a leg to amputation. Starting with running in place, Brian eventually shed over 160kg with a new attitude towards life.

  • Original Weight: 283kg
  • Weight lost: 165kg
  • Percentage of body mass lost: 58%

5. Mayra Rosales (lost 360kg)

(Image: ABC News/TLC)

Mayra’s incredible journey saw her weight peak at 470kg, leading to accusations of killing her nephew by falling on him. After it was revealed she falsely confessed to protect her sister, she embarked on a grueling weight loss journey, undergoing 11 surgeries and losing over 800 pounds.

  • Original Weight: 470kg
  • Weight lost: 360kg
  • Percentage of body mass lost: 80%

6. Bill Germanakos (lost 84kg)

Bill Germanakos struggled with weight issues, facing ridicule and health warnings. Accepted into The Biggest Loser TV franchise, he transformed his life, becoming a spin class instructor and maintaining a slim 85kg physique.

  • Original Weight: 163kg
  • Weight lost: 84kg
  • Percentage of body mass lost: 51.5%

7. Mike Hebranko (lost 321kg)

Michael Hebranko, once one of the fattest men in the world, gained over 400kg. Fitness guru Richard Simmons helped him lose 321kg, but Mike’s return to old habits led to his death at 250kg. His journey emphasizes the importance of maintaining lifestyle changes post-weight loss.

  • Original Weight: 411kg
  • Weight lost: 321kg
  • Percentage of body mass lost: 78%

8. Paul Mason (lost 294kg)

(Image: Paul Jonathan Mason, Facebook)

Dubbed “the world’s fattest man,” Paul Mason from Ipswich, Suffolk, struggled with obesity due to childhood trauma. In 2010, he underwent gastric bypass surgery, and through diet and exercise, lost almost 300kg over five years.

  • Original Weight: 444kg
  • Weight lost: 294kg
  • Percentage of body mass lost: 66%

9. Rosalie Bradford (lost 349kg)

Rosalie Bradford’s transformation didn’t involve surgery. After becoming bed-bound due to overeating, she attempted suicide but survived. Motivated by Richard Simmons’ tapes, she lost 349kg, setting a Guinness World Record.

  • Original Weight: 477kg
  • Weight lost: 349kg
  • Percentage of body mass lost: 73%

10. Manuel Uribe (lost 230kg)

(Image: Guinness World Records)

Manuel Uribe, once one of the heaviest men in history at 600kg, put on weight after moving to the USA. Returning to Mexico, he worked with his government to lose weight, shedding hundreds of kilograms before his death in 2008 at 394kg.

  • Original Weight: 597kg
  • Weight lost: 230kg
  • Percentage of body mass lost: 38%

These incredible stories prove that by changing our lifestyle and diet, we can transform both our bodies and minds.

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