On the Day of Their Birthdays, Identical Twin Sisters Gave Birth to Their Kids: Here is How They Look Today!


Twin sisters from Knoxville, Tennessee, Autumn Shaw and Amber Tramontana, have always done everything together. Not only are they strikingly similar in appearance, but their life paths have also been remarkably alike.

Both pursued nursing careers, got married almost simultaneously, and had children two and a half months apart. Their children were the same height and weight at birth and are now two years old.

Adding to their extraordinary connection, Autumn and Amber were born on the same day, sharing their birthday with their mother’s birthdays, which further solidified their bond.

A Miraculous Coincidence

Amber shares that when she and Autumn discovered they were both expecting daughters with due dates on October 29—the same day as their birthdays—they were in disbelief. They wanted their children to be close in age but had no plans for them to arrive on the same day.

Despite being in separate rooms, the sisters celebrated their 33rd birthdays in adjoining maternity wards. Separated by just a wall, they gave birth to their daughters on October 29, just an hour and a half apart.

The Birth of Charleston and Blakely

Autumn named her daughter Charleston, while Amber named her daughter Blakely. Dr. George Wick, who has practiced for 45 years and delivered both sisters, remarked that this was the first time he had seen such a unique occurrence.

How They Look Today

Fast forward to today, Charleston and Blakely are thriving and growing up with a special bond, much like their mothers. The sisters’ extraordinary story continues to captivate those around them, and their daughters are a testament to the unique and beautiful bond they share.

Here are Autumn, Amber, Charleston, and Blakely today:

The twin sisters and their daughters are a living example of how life can weave the most incredible stories, filled with coincidences that make their journey even more remarkable. Their tale of shared birthdays and simultaneous births will undoubtedly be a cherished family legend for generations to come.

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