I Couldn’t Eat Because of My Nose.” The Story of “Pinocchio” from the USA After Plastic Surgery


The life of 58-year-old painter Conrado underwent a dramatic transformation following a chance encounter. Conrado received a job order, which led him to meet a renowned plastic surgeon. During their initial meeting, the doctor immediately noticed Conrado’s nose.

“When I first saw Conrado, I immediately recognized that he had rhinophyma, a condition mostly seen in middle-aged men,” the doctor explained. By then, Conrado had consulted numerous doctors, all to no avail. “Dr. Romo approached me and assured me he would help. It felt like a miracle,” Conrado recounted.

Dr. Romo successfully performed the surgery, significantly altering Conrado’s appearance. Today, Conrado enjoys a normal life, taking delight in his refined nose.

What do you think of the painter’s transformation? It is clear that Dr. Romo possesses exceptional skill.

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