Woman Going On A Trip Spots A Severely Matted Dog Trying To Survive Near A Busy Road


Seeing stray dogs living on the street is not uncommon. It happens every day – people abandon and leave them to starve, regardless of how irresponsible it is to do so.

However, what’s even worse is when people abuse these poor animals so much that they isolate themselves in even more dangerous environments just to avoid human contact.

In this story, we will talk about a matted dog who was trying to survive near a busy road but desperately needed help.

A Disheartening Sight

While going on a trip, a woman noticed what looked like a dog on the road in the middle of nowhere. She stopped her car to have a look at this poor pup. It was honestly a miracle he was still alive.

The dog was dirty, his hair was matted, and the temperatures in that area would get seriously low during the night, so he was likely freezing for a long time before anyone noticed him.

After stopping her car, her dog, Watermelon, noticed this poor pup, and she thought that he would ease up by seeing another friendly face.

Source: YouTube

And, it worked. The woman noticed just how relaxed he was around her dog, so she approached them slowly and politely asked for help. She didn’t waste any time and was more than glad to help him. She took him in the car and slowly placed him in a very comfortable spot so he could get warm and take a nap.

Because the woman was on a trip, she was unable to take him to a groomer and a veterinarian immediately.

Chusan Got A New Chance

Source: YouTube

However, at the first opportunity, she took him to a groomer who took care of his messy hair. He looked like a completely different dog after this. They continued their trip, and Watermelon now had a new friend to accompany her on the journey.

And they had a blast. This was a great opportunity for Watermelon to meet her new friend and sibling.

After the trip, it was time to go home. The dog, now named Chusan, was much happier after realizing that he was finally safe and with a wonderful person.

Source: YouTube

Her new owner took care of him and helped him recover from his terrible life before. Chusan loves to play in the park and explore his new surroundings.

But most of all, he loves being around Watermelon. The two were basically inseparable after they met and that hasn’t changed, even today.

It’s amazing to see how this one act of kindness helped change a dog’s life for the better and give him a chance to enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer.

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