Cat Dad Teaches His Feline Friend Tricks And It’s Amazing


Whoever thinks that cats aren’t as smart as dogs, get ready to be amazed.

While dogs are often praised for their ability to learn tricks, cats can also be trained with patience and persistence.

One dedicated cat dad decided to settle this debate once and for all. Zoe (zoee___h) shared a TikTok video of her dad training their cat to perform dog-like tricks, and the results are astonishing!

The video is short but long enough to prove that cats can learn basic commands and tricks as well. In the video, Zoe’s dad is on the floor with their gorgeous Birman cat named Frank.

He holds a food bowl, presumably for Frank, but before feeding him, he instructs the cat to perform several tricks.

Dad says, “Sit down,” and the cat calmly complies. Next, he asks Frank to give him a paw. Frank extends his front left paw, allowing his dad to give it a little shake.

Then, he requests the other paw, and Frank positively responds.

In the background, we can hear Zoe, who couldn’t be prouder of her beloved feline friend, shouting:

“Good boy. Good, good job, Frank.”

It’s not every day you witness a cat performing dog-like tricks, which is why this video quickly went viral and captured everyone’s attention. People were awestruck by Frank and his incredible talents.

Some of the comments included:

  • “Frank is a good boi.”
  • “He’s so handsome.”
  • “Frank is an intellectual.”
  • “What a proud moment.”

However, it’s not really a surprise to see a Birman cat performing such tricks. According to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Birman cats are very smart.

“Besides a charming personality, Birman cats are also quite intelligent. They enjoy learning and often respond well to training—who doesn’t want a cat that can do tricks? To help your cat continue to exercise their mind, try playing various puzzle games with them. Even when cats don’t catch on the first time, you may be surprised how quickly they can learn.”

While Birman cats are incredibly smart, teaching them basic commands and tricks still requires a lot of hard work and patience.

Nonetheless, Frank’s abilities prove that cats can indeed excel in areas typically associated with dogs.

So, next time someone underestimates a cat’s intelligence, show them Frank’s video!

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