Timid Kitten Saved By Kind People After Getting A Plastic Coffee Cap Stuck Around Her Neck


Kim, from Hamden, Connecticut, experienced a surprising turn of events when she met her new feline friend in an extraordinary way.

It all began when Kim’s landlord stumbled upon something unusual while walking down the street.

As she approached, she saw a small black kitten, no bigger than a ball of yarn, struggling with an unusual predicament – a plastic coffee dome cap tightly stuck around her neck.

This cap, commonly found on iced coffees, was becoming increasingly restrictive as the kitten grew, causing her distress and difficulty breathing.

Realizing the urgency, Kim’s landlord quickly sprang into action to rescue the distressed kitten.

However, capturing the terrified little cat was challenging. She was scared and desperately trying to free herself from the cap. It took a coordinated effort, ample time, and a large blanket to finally liberate her.

After the successful rescue, they wisely decided to take the kitten for a medical check-up. A visit to the vet confirmed their suspicions: Mira, as they named her, was a healthy and resilient little fighter.

Despite her health, Mira was not pleased about being quarantined for a week and expressed her displeasure by playfully (or perhaps not so playfully) nipping one of the vets!

Meanwhile, Kim’s mother-in-law, grieving the loss of her own cat, was ready to embrace a new furry companion.

The timing was perfect! Mira, with her spirited personality and need for a loving home, was an ideal match.

Three years later, Mira has thrived, transforming from a feisty kitten into the undisputed queen of the household.

She loves staying indoors and has cleverly “trained” the entire family! She knows exactly how to coax treats from each member – a truly intelligent cat!

Additionally, there are a few more things to know about Mira: she is the ultimate puppet master (in the most endearing way possible!).

Each family member has a designated role in her kingdom. Kim’s mother-in-law handles grooming, ensuring Mira’s fur is always immaculate.

Kim’s husband is the playmate, always ready for a game of tag or feather toy fun. And Kim? She is the cuddle expert, the only one permitted to pick Mira up (after politely asking, of course).

Mira’s personality is as large as her spirit – bold and lively. Kim affectionately refers to her as a chatty cat who loves to “talk” (even if it’s just meows and chirps).

Whether nudging for a treat or evading a cuddle, Mira communicates her desires in the most charming ways.

Indeed, Mira is irresistibly adorable! Her feisty nature brings joy and adventure to everyday life.

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