Pup Was Abandoned At A Parking Lot But She Refused To Leave Until Her Family Came Back


A heartbreaking story from Southern California reveals the plight of a tiny gray-and-white dog spotted lying in a school parking lot, nestled among the school’s shrubs.

She waited faithfully for her family, who had abandoned her, clinging to the hope that they would return, while evading anyone who tried to help her.

Weeks passed, yet no one claimed the dog, nor did anyone return for her. She remained alone in the world, unable to comprehend that her previous owners were no longer her family…

Little Doggo Girl Was Inclined To Wait For Her Hoomans To Come Back

Despite fifteen days passing without anyone coming back for her, this determined little dog refused to leave the parking lot shrubs. She was resolved to wait as long as necessary for her family to return.

Many people attempted to assist her, sharing her photos online in hopes of finding her family, but no one ever came forward. Whenever someone tried to approach her, she would hide, until one day, a woman named Suzette Hall arrived.

Suzette Made Sure The Dog Got A Fresh Start

Suzette, the founder of Logan’s Legacy animal rescue in Irvine, California, was determined to help after hearing the dog’s story. She drove to the school and searched for the doggo.

“For 15 days, there she was in the morning, afternoon, and night. Neighbors tried to help her, but she was too scared. I know she believed if she stayed there, they would come back for her. Loyal little girl,” she wrote.

Given the dog’s extreme fear and shyness, Suzette set a humane trap with a hot dog. Though the pup wasn’t starving, having been fed kibble, the hot dog proved irresistible.

Once captured, the frightened and panicky dog eventually calmed down and fell asleep in Suzette’s car. Suzette named her “Scarlet.”

Scarlet was taken to Camino Pet Hospital in Irvine for a checkup. She received all necessary care and was cleared for a new foster home. Soon after Suzette rescued her, Scarlet joined a foster family with several other siblings to play with.

Little Scarlet Is Seeking A Furever Home

Although now happy in her foster home, Scarlet is still looking for her forever family. This lovable dog is easy-going, affectionate, and gets along well with everyone she meets.

Adapting to a new family will not be an issue for Scarlet, as she is naturally a sweet dog with excellent social skills.

Suzette has one condition for Scarlet’s future family – they must never, ever abandon her again. Scarlet being left alone once more is simply unacceptable, and Suzette hopes she will finally experience true love. We wish for little Scarlet to find her perfect home as soon as possible!

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