Parents’ First Love: Appreciate Your Child Before You Know Your Parents


From the moment we learned of your existence, our hearts were filled with a love so profound, it defies description. The mere thought of you brought joy and anticipation, a feeling that grew stronger with each passing day as we eagerly awaited your arrival. Before you could see or hear us, before you even entered this world, you were already the center of ours.

During those precious months of waiting, we dreamt of your future, imagined your laughter, and wondered about the person you would become. We prepared for you with loving care, creating a space filled with warmth and comfort, a haven where you would feel safe and cherished. Every tiny piece of clothing, every soft blanket, every lullaby hummed was a testament to the love we felt for you, a love that blossomed even before we held you in our arms.

Your arrival marked the beginning of a beautiful journey. The first sight of your tiny face, the first sound of your cry, filled us with an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. You were more perfect than we could have ever imagined, and the love we had for you, which had grown so intensely during those months of waiting, now overflowed in a way that felt almost magical.

As you began to grow and discover the world, our love for you deepened. Every milestone, every smile, every new word and step brought us immeasurable happiness. Watching you explore, learn, and develop your unique personality has been the greatest joy of our lives. You are the embodiment of our hopes and dreams, the living proof of the boundless love that began long before you knew us.

Our beloved daughter, know that you were cherished from the very beginning. Even before you knew who we were, our hearts were already devoted to you. This love is unwavering and unconditional, a constant presence in your life. It is a love that will guide you, support you, and comfort you through all the joys and challenges that lie ahead.

You are the first person we ever loved with such depth and intensity, and that love will continue to grow as you do. You have brought an indescribable richness to our lives, and we are eternally grateful for the gift of you.

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