Abandoned Puppy Found on a Road Turns Into a Playful Dog


I received calls for help. They told me where they saw a poor puppy. Beside the busy road, near a forest where some people throw garbage. No houses, no people live there!

In the meantime, some kind person made him a small temporary home where he’s been hiding. Huge thanks to them! Like all the little rescued ones, he’ll soon meet Buhica! He’s screaming, he doesn’t know I want to help!

He’s crying from fear, and I won’t do anything bad to him!

Day 6: Forest Receives Medical Care

Forest has been vaccinated against contagious diseases.

Two Months Later: A Happy Ending!

Forest got adopted by a happy family in the EU. Yet another street life of a wonderful creature is saved! Another story, another new life!

A New Beginning for Forest

After coming to a “new life,” little Forest had to go for a swim! Because from now on he will live like a gentleman! They say you will need a lot, and where there is a lot you need, then my Lion, you have to smell like a rose! And now run Forest, run, run free with your little paws.

One Year Later: A Joyful Life in England

Forest lives a happy life in England with a wonderful family that loves him very much! Thanks to the incredible team of people who made this possible!

Watch the video below for the full story!

Special Thanks to Rescuer: Sadies Dog Rescue 💚

Thanks to the channel : @AnimalRescue ❤️

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