“You Are NOT My Mother,” Lipreader Uncovers Kelly Rowland’s Words During Cannes Red Carpet Clash with Security Guard


In an unforeseen turn of events at the Cannes Film Festival, a lipreader has revealed the conversation during Kelly Rowland’s tense red carpet altercation with security. The glamorous affair took a dramatic twist as the singer was observed in a heated exchange, leaving many onlookers and fans curious about the cause of the dispute.

Kelly Rowland’s Unpleasant Moment at Cannes

Kelly Rowland, the former member of Destiny’s Child, made a striking entrance at the 2024 Cannes red carpet in a flowing red dress, radiating elegance as she posed for photos and smiled at the audience. However, the glamorous moment took an unexpected twist when she began ascending the stairs and had a disagreement with a female security guard.

Video Footage Sparks Curiosity

The video of the incident swiftly spread across the internet, drawing widespread attention. In the footage, security guards can be seen obstructing her path, thwarting attempts by photographers to snap her picture as she made her way up the stairs. Despite uncertainty surrounding the exact trigger of the altercation, this unexpected clash has ignited widespread intrigue and conjecture about its origins.

Lipreader Reveals Kelly Rowland’s Words

Following the video’s viral spread, many online users clamored for a lip reader to unveil Kelly Rowland’s words. Comments flooded the discussion threads, with queries such as “We have a video! Do we have lip readers?” and observations like “I don’t need a lip reader; she’s RUSHING and moving her along like she’s a +1 AND blocking photographers’ view of her face and look. And from the way Kelly FIRST spoke, I can tell she was trying to be respectful.”

Thankfully, a proficient lip reader stepped forward to offer insights. According to their analysis, Rowland said, “You don’t have to talk to me like that,” followed by, “Don’t talk to me like that.” She then asserted, “No. You don’t talk to me like that. You are NOT my mother; do NOT talk to me like that,” and concluded with, “I’m not a child. Do not talk to me like that.”

Kelly Rowland’s Composure Amidst the Incident

Despite the unsettling incident on the red carpet, Kelly Rowland remained composed and graceful. She subsequently shared striking images of herself in her gown on social media, accompanied by the caption “Cannes Film Festival ❤️.” In the photographs, Rowland exuded radiance and elegance, effortlessly showcasing the captivating red dress that had garnered widespread attention.

Preview photo credit: ANTONIN THUILLIER / AFP / East News, ShootPix / ABACA / Abaca / East News

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