A Naked Pup Never Thought He Would Find Love Until He Met His Humans And Melted Their Hearts


Never in his wildest dreams could Piccolo imagine how his life would change.

He was a naked, stray pup who kept thinking that nobody would ever notice him, let alone lend him a helping hand.

Day after day, he tried to survive by looking for scraps of food in the streets and satisfying his hunger.

Although his heart craved human love, he didn’t let himself hope that somebody would give him a second chance at life.

When Piccolo least expected it, destiny sent him good humans and gave him the sweetest of surprises.

The Opportunity To Turn His Life Around

When the rescuers at Compassion Without Borders, a charity organization, came across the naked, stray dog, they scooped him up and brought him to safety.

Since he was a senior dog, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California, took him under their care.

The pooch, later named Piccolo, immediately captivated the hearts of the shelter staff, who gave him a lot of love.

“I was at Muttville the day after Piccolo arrived in San Francisco. He was called Chester while with CWOB. Poor boy, he sure suffered on his own down there. He had hardly any hair and his skin must have hurt, yet he was sweet and seemed to know that all of us were here to help,” Patty Stanton at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, told The Dodo.

Piccolo took in all the cuddles his shelter friends gave him, and he accepted their help.

Nobody knew how long Piccolo had lived on his own or how long he had suffered with his skin condition.

He was already ten years old, and the staff didn’t expect his fur to grow back.

Piccolo was given medicine. Feeling his shelter friends’ love and support, he started his road to recovery.

As time passed, he began feeling better, and he enjoyed going on walks.

Piccolo Finds His Place Under The Sun

At the time, a wonderful family was searching for a dog to adopt.

One day, while looking at the profiles of adoptable dogs on the shelter’s website, Piccolo’s profile attracted their attention.

His adorable eyes melted the family’s hearts. They fell in love with him and decided to give him a forever home.

Piccolo’s new family knew that they would love him even if his fur never regrew.

The doggo was over the moon when he moved in with his humans. He loved the toys and soft blankets that they bought him.

His forever family showered him with a ton of love, wishing to make up for all the time he spent living the lonely life of a stray.

Piccolo felt adored, and he couldn’t believe how his life had changed.

He felt accepted for who he was.

Although Piccolo barely had any fur, he didn’t seem to mind. The sweet California boy enjoyed wearing fashionable sweaters that his family dressed him in.

The senior canine loves going on adventures.

His family feels thrilled because they were able to give him a life filled with infinite love that he deserves.

Piccolo enjoys lying on a lot of blankets by the heater. It is his favorite spot at his home.

The stray pup who never expected to find his happiness is now a dog who lives his best life.

I’m deeply thankful to Piccolo’s heroes for rescuing him from the uncertain life on the streets and for giving him an opportunity to find his happy ending.

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