Woman Reunites with Her Emotional Support Dog After Two Years: “Tears of Joy Everywhere”


The disappearance of a pet is always a heart-wrenching event, particularly so when the pet is an essential source of emotional support.

Miraculously, sometimes these lost pets make an unexpected return, resurfacing months or even years later. Such was the joyful scenario for a woman who was recently reunited with her emotional support dog after a lengthy two-year separation.

Two years prior, Samantha Powers of Fort Wayne, Indiana, faced profound despair when her emotional support dog, Loki, escaped while under the care of a friend.

Despite extensive searches, Loki seemed to have vanished without a trace. “I gradually lost hope as time passed,” she shared with WPTA.

Fast forward to last month, when the Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control took in a stray dog. Fortuitously, the dog was equipped with a microchip that enabled them to identify its owner.

To their astonishment, the microchipped dog turned out to be Loki, who had been missing for two years and was surprisingly in good health.

Samantha was ecstatic upon receiving the news. “She could barely contain her excitement that we had found her beloved pet,” FWACC recounted on Facebook.

A video captured the touching reunion, showing Loki exuberantly leaping as he recognized his owner, leaving “not a dry eye in the room.”

The details of where Loki had been during those two years remain unknown, yet he appeared well-cared for.

Both Samantha and the animal control officers highlighted this event as a testament to the crucial role of microchipping pets. It’s a simple procedure that can facilitate miraculous reunions even after extended absences.

“This is precisely why we so strongly advocate for microchipping your pets, in case they ever go missing,” emphasized Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control.

“The microchip was a godsend,” Samantha remarked to WPTA. “Without it, I might never have seen my boy again.”

This incredible reunion is a beacon of hope, showing the profound impact of keeping pets microchipped. We’re overjoyed that Samantha and her cherished dog Loki are together again after such a long separation.

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