Blind Rescue Dog Defies Expectations and Inspires His Owners


Robin Wagner from Burlington, Vermont, and her boyfriend spent a considerable time searching for the perfect dog. Their quest seemed fruitless until Robin stumbled upon an adoption profile online for a dog named Blaze. It was love at first sight—or, more accurately, first picture.

The real journey began when Blaze arrived home. “We didn’t even know about his dental issues until he came home. That was a glorious surprise,” Robin shared with GeoBeats Animals.

However, Blaze’s dental issues were just the tip of the iceberg. Adopted as a German Shepherd/Greyhound mix, Blaze’s initial medical notes did not mention any severe visual impairments, despite his sunken eyes. But a visit to a veterinary ophthalmologist revealed a stark reality: Blaze was entirely blind in his right eye and had limited vision in his left, which also required immediate surgery.

The outcome of the surgery was heart-wrenching. “About two weeks post-surgery, Blaze began bumping into things during our walks. It turned out the surgery was unsuccessful, and he had lost his vision completely,” Robin recounted.

Despite these challenges, Blaze adapted with remarkable resilience. His right eye was eventually removed due to recurrent infections—a change that seemed to disturb Robin more than Blaze.

Blind Boy Blaze

Addressing Blaze’s health issues was a lengthy and arduous process. Initially, he weighed only 50 pounds, but with care and attention, they brought him up to a healthy 80 pounds. With his physical health stabilized, they could then focus on his behavioral adjustment.

“Blaze’s blindness caused a significant regression in his confidence, making him anxious and reactive,” Robin explained. To counter this, they enhanced communication with Blaze, using voice cues to navigate and soothe his anxieties. Working closely with a trainer, they made significant strides in helping Blaze adjust to his new world.

“The training was tough but incredibly rewarding,” Robin said. “Despite the unexpected challenges, I would not change a thing. Blaze is my best friend, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have him in my life.”

Blaze’s story also features an unexpected helper: their cat, Satin. Acting as a makeshift guide, Satin uses her meows and chirps to alert Blaze, helping him avoid obstacles around the house. “Whenever he gets too close, she meows, and he knows to change direction,” said Robin.

Satin may not be the cuddliest cat, but she demonstrates her affection for Blaze in her own unique way. You can follow the heartwarming duo and their daily escapades on Blaze’s Instagram profile, showcasing a beautiful testament to resilience and companionship in the face of adversity.

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