The Strength in the Gift of Mother and Father: Empowering Children to Overcome Life’s Challenges


My mother blessed me with eyes not to shed tears for those undeserving, but to behold the world’s beauty. My father endowed me with a body, not to exhaust it for others, but to rise and seize life’s miracles.

These gifts from my parents transcend mere physical attributes; they symbolize strength, resilience, and purpose. My mother’s eyes were given to appreciate the beauty and goodness around me, to reflect the joy and love within, not to be clouded by the grief of unworthy influences.

Similarly, my father’s gift of a robust body serves as a testament to the vitality within me. It is meant to navigate challenges, explore new frontiers, and remain steadfast during trials. This body is a bastion of strength, not a shield to cover sorrows inflicted by others.

These endowments remind me of my inherent value and potential. They propel me to surmount obstacles, carve my own path, and lead a dignified, purposeful life. They reinforce that my worth is defined not by others’ actions but by the strength and resilience I manifest.

With these gifts, my eyes will seek out beauty and truth, while my body will pursue growth and success. I am resolved not to let the unworthy tarnish my vision or undermine my strength. Instead, I am committed to honoring my parents’ legacy by living fully and authentically, seizing every chance to flourish, love, and prosper.

Embracing these gifts, I find the courage to discard the non-essential and chase what truly matters. I will safeguard the precious eyes my mother bestowed and the resilient body from my father. Together, these gifts will steer me toward a life filled with fulfillment, strength, and resilience.

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