Rescued Kitten Blossoms into a Vibrant Companion After Experiencing Genuine Affection


Introducing Butterball, the delightful kitten who evolved from a shy, blanket-hiding creature into an affection-seeking dynamo with his endearing “roars.”

He was brought to IndyHumane, a charitable organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned animals in Indianapolis, Indiana. Initially, Butterball was shy and fearful, often seeking refuge beneath any available covering.

Enter Jennifer, a dedicated foster volunteer from New Kittens on the Block in Indiana. She took Butterball under her wing, gave him his name, and provided a nurturing environment for him.

She prepared a comfortable kitten enclosure complete with all the essentials—playful toys and plush bedding included.

It wasn’t long before Butterball began to open up to his foster mother. He started to purr and engage with his toys, though he remained cautious around the noisier ones.

“He has even purred for me a couple of times. He’s extremely playful and enjoys his new toys, though the noisy ones still startle him. He becomes anxious and seeks hiding at unfamiliar sounds,” Jennifer shared.

As Jennifer continued to spend time with him and demonstrated patience, Butterball gradually started to trust her. He began emerging from his hiding places, batting his paws playfully in the air and frolicking on the floor.

Jennifer suspected that he might have been born to a wild mother, which could explain his initial lack of socialization with humans.

Nonetheless, Butterball soon became more confident and even climbed into his foster mom’s lap on his own accord.

Butterball’s transformation progressed, and he started to relish his indoor surroundings. He began meowing and displaying affection, captivated by every action Jennifer took. Occasionally, he would even let out dramatic roars for no particular reason!

Just listen to him roar!

As Jennifer notes:

“He enjoys dramatically vocalizing at his foster mom for seemingly no reason.”

Now, Butterball relishes human company and is observant of every action around him. He’s adapting well to his indoor environment and is on the verge of meeting the other household cats. Jennifer is optimistic about his enthusiasm for making new friends.

From a reserved and frightened kitten, Butterball has matured into a bold and loving cat who asserts his presence unapologetically. His journey underscores the profound impact that patience and affection can have on a kitten’s development.

I hope you’ve been inspired by Butterball’s remarkable transformation. Feel free to share his story with your friends!


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