Serendipitous Encounter: Dog Discovers Her Lookalike at Farmer’s Market, Inspires Adoption


Bethany Coleman and her boyfriend were already pet parents to two senior cats and a young rescue dog named Rogue. While they were considering expanding their furry family, the prospect of adopting another dog seemed daunting given their plans to rent an apartment. They worried that finding a landlord willing to accommodate two humans, two cats, and two dogs would be challenging.

During a casual stroll at the local farmer’s market with Rogue, Coleman encountered an unexpected surprise—not in the form of fresh produce, but a dog that bore an uncanny resemblance to Rogue. This striking similarity was impossible for Coleman to ignore.

“He looked just like Rogue, identical in size and with a similar coat. They’re both Cairn terrier hybrids,” Coleman shared with The Dodo. Convinced it was fate, they named the 8-month-old dog Beast.

The instant connection between Rogue and Beast was palpable. “It was love at first sight for both Rogue and me,” Coleman said. Despite Rogue being the only dog in the home until then, she immediately accepted Beast as if he were a long-lost twin.

Initially, Coleman tried to treat them equally by buying identical toys, but Rogue always ended up wanting whatever Beast had, often taking it from him.

“Beast became my cuddlebug who competes with the kitties for lap space,” Coleman added.

Their bond grew stronger when the family relocated to Hawaii, where they have since developed an inseparable relationship.

“Our cross-country journey confirmed that this little family will always stick together,” Coleman concluded.

For more on their heartwarming adventures, follow Coleman’s updates on Instagram.

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