Rescuers Discover Timid Twin Kittens in Philadelphia and Extend a Helping Hand


Allow me to recount the touching tale of two fortunate feline siblings discovered on the streets of Philadelphia, left to survive on their own.

Their fortunes changed dramatically when they were found by animal rescuers from Kolony Kats. The duo, a pair of shy tabby kittens, were in desperate need of food and shelter.

Recognizing their timid nature and confusion, the rescuers knew better than to attempt a direct capture. Instead, they set up a humane trap, successfully ensuring the safety of the twin kittens without causing them additional stress.

Securing a Foster Home

The next crucial step was finding a nurturing environment for the kittens. Erica, a dedicated volunteer with Charlie’s Army Animal Rescue, stepped forward to foster them. She shared:

“When they first arrived, they were quite unsocialized, having had minimal human contact.”

Initially bewildered in their new surroundings, the kittens remained hidden, slowly adapting to their foster home. Erica observed:

“They were just five weeks old and spent the first day hiding in their carrier, darting back whenever I entered the room.”

Yet, within just 48 hours, these kittens began to show affection, surprising Erica with their rapid adjustment.

Tabby Twins Embrace Their New ‘Foster Dads’

Named Little and Big by Erica, the kittens began to relish the comforts of indoor life. The real enchantment began when they met Erica’s cat, Forest, a seasoned foster sibling eager to greet the newcomers. Initially, they could only interact through the door, building anticipation for their eventual face-to-face meeting.

Once healthy, the twins were introduced to Erica’s other cats, Forest and Sloane, who immediately took to the kittens, aiding in their socialization and confidence-building. Erica described the touching interactions:

“Forest and Sloane taught them how to engage in gentle play and provided a model of good kitten behavior. It wasn’t unusual to find them curled up together during naps.”

Forest and Sloane proved to be perfect foster parents, supporting Erica’s mission to nurture the kittens. Big and Little thrived under their care, often seeking affection and engaging in playful antics.

Adaptation and Affection

Erica marveled at how swiftly the twins adapted to their new life:

“They adjusted to indoor living within days and haven’t looked back since.”

The kittens’ personalities blossomed, with Big taking on a more assertive role and Little following suit. Both kittens displayed a mix of playfulness and affection, often sleeping in Erica’s bed.

Finding a Forever Home

After a thorough socialization process, the kittens were ready to find a permanent home. Eventually, they were adopted by a family that already had two cats, Simba and Nala, and renamed Obi and Anakin. The kittens quickly settled into their new environment, as reported by their new owner:

“Their first night was spent joyfully exploring and taking breaks to sleep in our bed,” their new mom shared.

Despite some initial challenges in finding the kittens a home, Erica was thrilled with the outcome:

“It took a while to find the right family, but I’m delighted that they found such a loving home.”

This inspiring story highlights the profound transformations that rescue animals undergo—from vulnerable strays to beloved pets—thanks to the compassion and commitment of rescuers like Erica and the families who welcome these animals into their hearts and homes.

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