Healing Through Joy: Grief Specialist Finds Solace Dancing with Cats


Introduction to Therapeutic Companionship
Life’s challenges can often bring darkness and despair. In these moments, the comforting presence of pets, particularly cats, serves as a soothing balm for the soul. Jessica Reis, a professional specializing in grief, loss, and trauma, shares her unique coping mechanism: dancing with her beloved cat.

Dancing with Oliver: A Ray of Sunshine

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As an end-of-life death doula, Jessica possesses insightful techniques for managing grief. Her method involves a simple yet profound activity with her orange rescue cat, Oliver. Out in the sunshine, she lifts Oliver into a dance, a gesture that brings both light and laughter into the somberness of her work.

The Power of Movement and Animal Energy
Jessica advocates for the therapeutic potential of movement combined with the healing presence of animals. She explains, “Dancing with my cat uplifts my mental health. When life feels overwhelming, try dancing with your pet—be it a cat, dog, or bird. It’s surprising how this movement can transform your mood, offering a dose of magical medicine.”

Adoption and Bonding
Jessica’s connection with Oliver began when he was a 9-month-old stray. This bond, developed over years, allows them to share in these joyous moments comfortably. Jessica reassures skeptics, “Oliver enjoys our dances, and his comfort is my priority. He’d let me know if he didn’t like it.”

Guidance for Pet Owners
For those considering this at home, it’s essential to recognize the individual nature of each pet. A close, trusting relationship is crucial, as not all cats may enjoy dancing. Observing your pet’s body language and respecting their preferences will ensure a positive experience.

Dancing with Pierre: Embracing Each Moment
On TikTok, Jessica also shares dances with her senior cat Pierre, who suffers from chronic kidney disease. These moments are precious, providing light amidst the shadow of ‘anticipatory grief.’ Jessica reflects on the spiritual and healing connection with Pierre, her soul animal, during these dances.

Cultural and Spiritual Insights
As a first-generation Mexican-American and Curandera, Jessica integrates profound cultural and mystical beliefs about animals and spirituality into her practice. She believes in the transformative healing power of animals, which she experiences firsthand with Pierre.

Connect with Jessica Reis
Jessica’s heartwarming interactions with her cats are shared across social platforms, where she hopes to spread joy and healing. Follow her journey and discover more meowgical moments on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok under the handle “Jess the Death Empath.”

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